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METIS. ([personal profile] butterflyaffected) wrote in [community profile] lhunarwings2013-12-28 06:47 pm

Seeking Answers.

[ Something is wrong. She didn't expect... what's going on?

It's strange.

She doesn't remember much after they fought one another. To just shut down and reawaken somewhere else--it puts her on edge. A door to the past, maybe? Someplace in the Abyss? Ah, she can't be sure. But there ARE two things Metis knows:

1) She cannot sense Aigis' presence, and it is deeply disturbing her.


2) She has no idea where she is, which means it's best to be on guard. At least she has her weapon, still. But, visor down, Metis will cautiously explore her surroundings--she has no pretense of even looking human, unlike her sister, and wouldn't even bother to care to TRY. So, have a robot girl. How do you react? Where is she? Maybe you can sense the fact she can wield a Persona. Maybe not.

She needs answers, and she needs them NOW. ]

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