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[ Because we needed one.

I'll make threads and we can just tag into them if we come up with more crap we want to do later, okay.

In other words, this is totally an excuse for me to make Roland babysit the Embryon more often at like 2AM.

OPEN TO ANYONE WHO RPs FROM DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA! Some scenarios will be locked to tribes/allies, though, for Reasons, so heed the titles and stuff. Feel free to add your own scenario thread. MINGLE AND HAVE FUN. ]
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Serph, no.... /o\

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[At least Serph had been fairly reasonable about what he'd asked for -- he'd gotten shorts and a pair of simple sandals.

Which didn't mean he hadn't stood back while the rest of the Tribe talked Roland into getting them the volleyball set or the other toys. Or joined them in playing with them, at least until he got distracted checking out the water. It hadn't taken him long to shift into Varna's sleekly finned form and dive down....

And now here he was, bringing his finds to Roland, all excited. He sits down next to the man, one of the buckets in hand, and reaches into it, to pull up one of his treasures, holding it up for display.

It's a crab.

A live crab.

It flails, swinging its crabby little pincers about, trying to catch his fingers in them, but he manages to hold it by its butt, just out of its reach. Thankfully, he also has enough sense to hold it far enough away from Roland and Roland's things.

I brought you a snack!
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[Heat was a big part of the reason Roland's wallet was now hurting so badly. Swim shorts, a surfboard, a portable grill (since most people seemed to take offense when they ate their lunch raw), and he was one of the more insistent ones on getting a beach volleyball set.]

[It was worth it though, to finally see them have some fun, right? Even Heat was in a great mood, acting like a hyperactive, derpy puppy instead of his usual angry grumpiness. And he clearly didn't care if his element mixed with water or not; the water was warm, and he was splashing around with the rest of them. Right now, though, he was playing beach volleyball with the others. But despite not meaning to be, he was a bit overaggressive by nature. So he ended up hitting the ball much too hard.]

Shit! Look out!

[Roland you have about a second to duck before being hit in the head with the ball.]
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[He catches it easily. For all they had been "reprogrammed" to be combat AIs, they were right at home on the beach. And they seemed to remember it on an instinctual level as well, because for people that supposedly had no idea how to play the game, they were all pretty decent at it.]

Uh. My bad.

[Which really is as close to "sorry" as Heat usually got. He turned, started to go back the the others... then hesitated. After a moment he tossed the ball over to them, then turned back to Roland. He crossed his arms and gave Roland that mischievous smirk of his that usually meant more trouble than when he was angry.]

So. Are you actually going to have some fun? Or are you just going to sit there the whole time?
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[Gale, while probably the easiest to drag around in the store and easiest to please with what was bought, is probably the hardest to get to do anything. He's standing nearby Roland's beach chair in predictably green swimming trousers and a hooded vest made out of light grey material. He isn't to be without his hood, of course. He's just sort of glaring out at the ocean right now, then up at the sun, then out to his comrades playing, and then back out to the sea. It's mostly overwhelming to someone so overly analytic, he's just trying to take it all in at the moment. Everyone else is a bit more easily adaptable than him though, so it make take a while.]
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[In his human form, he'll be wearing just a pair of dark gray shorts and maybe some sandals.

> Join him in playing with the volleyball set?
> ...or frisbee?
> ...or playing in the sand?
> ...or maybe playing in the surf, picking up shells and driftwood and seaweed!
> ...or maybe he's in the water, human form or even possibly as Varna. He could be diving down to explore, if not just swimming around and enjoying himself.

> ...or doing any number of things, really. Come say hi, play around on the beach with him?
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[Fire and water might not mix, but that wasn't stopping Heat from trying. He never had issues with warm water after all, it was cold he couldn't stand. So he was more than willing to get a board and try his hand at surfing (after initially being very confused about what "Serphing" might be and having to have that explained).]

[Still, he wasn't exactly good at it. He'd figured out how to stay standing for the most part, but steering? That he was still trying to figure out. So when there's suddenly a white fin sticking out of the water in front of him, he rams right into it. Thankfully he wasn't going fast enough to even hurt the board, let alone an Asura. Still, he tumbles into the water head first. At least he landed on the other side of Serph instead of on top of him?]
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Open to Embryons and Allies

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[Since non-Tuners seemed to take offense when they ate their meat raw, one of the things Heat had grabbed for their day on the beach was a portable grill and some charcoal for it. Lighting it was as simple as casting an Agi spell, and then Heat set to work making them lunch.]

[...Or trying to, anyway. He'd taken an interested in cooking, but he hadn't had nearly enough time to practice. They steak and chicken that he brought in the cooler, he could prepare fairly well. So long as you didn't mind it with the outside lightly seared and the inside barley more than warmed up to body temperature. If you want it more done than that, there is a decent risk you'll end up with a burned lump of inedible sadness. As for the fish they were catching? This was his first time trying to grill fish, so that's even more of an experiment. At least he seems to be a pretty quick learner with open flame, so he might have it figured out by the end of the day?]

[In the meantime, do you dare try Heat's cooking? Or maybe just tease him about his failures?]