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Double Bubble And Extra Trouble

[ Somehow, for some reason, you've run into a very bizarre nine year old girl. She exudes a sort of worrisome aura, especially with the way she's got a broom in her hand... her face only shows slight irritation. She's obviously a witch, and some of quite a bit of power, though how much she can control it is up for debate... ]


[ Yes, you, whoever you are. ]

Your name. Now.

[ Demanding little brat, isn't she? ]
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[Kinda reminds him of Myrtle, actually. Stitch ears perk up, titling his head to the side.]

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[And without missing a beat-]

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[... yeaaah, she's exactly like Myrtle B| Stitch turns his attention to the little creature, his ear perking up in alertness. COUSIN?]

[Raising a paw up in greeting.] Hah-hiiiiiiiii~
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AU stuff

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[Adam will frown at her and cross his arms over his chest.]

...Ashley, you're worrying your mother.
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[The red-headed man she'd just walked up to and tried bossing around just looked at her for a long moment with the most grumpy, annoyed expression imaginable. There was something about girls with brooms that made him think of magic, but he couldn't think of why so he pushed the thought away. Heat wasn't worried about magic anyway.]

You first.