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tot4lly r4d1c4l l4nd1ngz bro

[ SO THERE IS THIS TOTALLY RADICAL ALIEN GIRL WHO JUST SHOWED UP ON A SKATEBOARD, out of nowhere, doing some awesome flips and shit. She may or may not have ended up somewhere she didn't expect, though.

So she will pause her roll and flip her skateboard up into her red-gloved hands, then look down over her shades. You can barely see just whiteness. If she looks bemused, it's because she is. She doesn't recall the bubbles ever taking her in this direction... where is she? ]

Whoa, this is totally the opposite of where I expected to be with all that mad grindin' I did... dang! You gotta admit, though, that landing was totez amaze.

[ OOC: opting out of verbal quirks despite them being a thing in the main flashes in Homestuck because that would get super obnoxious super fast. Unless you want me to do that, in which case just holler I GUESS??? ]
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Slightly AUing Sera I guess because how would this even work in her canon timeline???

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[Sera had been stabilized, for now, but she still felt very tired most of the time. So while Serph and the others were busy deciding on what their next strategy would be Sera had slipped away to a remote but still safe area of the underground city. She had found the quiet to help quite a bit, when she couldn't or didn't want to sleep.]

[But this time that quiet was disturbed by a very... interesting looking person coming out of nowhere a few yards away from her. She gasped in surprise and her Atma mark glowed as she reached for her powers on reflex, but she let if fade when the newcomer didn't show any signs of being hostile. And yes she had to admit that thing with the skateboard actually was kind of cool, but important stuff first!]

Uhm, hello? Are you a demon, too?
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rolls into the party a million years late, mox sent me

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[It's understandable that her mad grindin' doesn't usually take her in this direction. These are Alternian dream bubbles now, Alternian dream bubbles from far in the planet's past, and there's not much to grind on in the desert.]

... Latula?

[She's lucky that he knows her from his dreams and memories. It's going to make this a little easier.

Still doesn't explain why she felt it necessary to ramp him, though.]
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[It's amazing what a little scruff and a little hard living can do for someone's level of rugged attractiveness. Vantases aren't meant to be delicate and pampered, they're meant to be bricks with legs. And great butts.]

Not that much taller, I wouldn't think.

[Even fully-grown he's barely pushing 5'4''.]

And. Ah. Thank you? Though I'd appreciate if you wouldn't do that again.

[He almost doesn't know what to say. He knows that he's dead, and he knew he might see familiar faces, but this isn't the one he was expecting to find first. At least it's been long enough that his rage on death has subsided and he's reverted more firmly back to his older, gentler personality.]