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Wadanohara Seananigans

[ Because we needed a post for bad, good, true, and all other endings in between for all RPers to interact.

Have at guys.

Just be warned if Sal's involved violence is likely... and worse. ]
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u no

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[There had been no fighting it. It was laughably easy getting him here to this cell. So stupidly, horrifyingly simple.

Maybe it was due to the blood loss. Maybe it was shock. Maybe it was the fact that his entire world had crashed down around him in the worst possible way and there had been nothing he could do to stop it. Nothing.

Whatever it was, it made for a cooperative prisoner. Cooperation had nothing to do with willingness to comply, but everything to do with crippling physical limitations.

He'd been alone for some time now. Long enough for his furious screams to have made his throat raw, long enough for desperate tears to run dry. Long enough to have nothing left but his own thoughts. Long enough to know that all he could do now was wait.]
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shhhhh there there

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[He lays there motionless, desperately trying to ignore the sound of her voice. His mind playing a vicious sort of tug-of-war with itself. One half trying to pretend it belonged to someone else while the other wanted so desperately to believe the girl he loved was still there.

Had loved. Loved. Lost. Lost her. This wasn't the Wadanohara he'd fallen for. This girl... she belonged to Sal.]

... Don't. Don't stand there and try to talk to me like everything's ok.
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/holds shhh it'll be ok maybe

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No, it's not. It's not fine. Why...

[Slowly, carefully, he forces himself to sit up. Samekichi staggers to his feet, hand pressed against the wall to help support his weight.]

Why do you keep saying that? How is this for my own good? How is this... how is this good for anyone? It's not. It's wrong. This is all wrong. Why... why don't you see it?

This... whatever this is? It's not happiness. It's a lie.
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[Samekichi feels his heart stop as she enters his cell. He takes one step back. Then another. And another. Back, back, back, until he's forced himself into a corner.

Fear creeps into his eyes, twinged with desperation. She's right. He is in pain. He does hurt. This hurts. Seeing her this way, hearing that filth's words, his lies spilling from her mouth.

He doesn't want this. Any of it.

Samekichi turns his face, lifting his chin in an attempt to keep her from reaching him. Don't touch him. Don't offer false comforts. Don't. Don't, don't, don't.]

Wadanohara... please...

Don't do this.
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[ Why? Why does he do this to her? Why does he make it so hard...? She refuses to ever give up, though. In some twisted way, it's still her in that regard. She would never give up on her precious Samekichi. No, he was... her first familiar, her closest friend, she loved him... ]

But, everyone is happier now. You could be happy too.. Don't you want to break away from that stupid thing our destinies dictated to us? My father... I always thought I should follow him, but I realize, that's just what everyone wanted me to do...

Like this, I can do whatever I want. You could too. I want... you... to... understand... that this... is all there can ever be, Samekichi. ... Sal helped me, but I don't love him. And you know something? I will never... ever... wish for anyone's happiness... more than yours, Samekichi...

[ She's so close, she can feel the movement of water between them. She just wants to pin him, hoping so very much that, since force has not worked, maybe, maybe this will. ]

I know it's hard. To think through pain. But the pain is good for you, it... woke me up... I want to wake you up too! So we can swim together again, and laugh together again, with all of our friends...
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[Because this isn't her. This is what Sal wanted her to be. Perhaps the only thing that didn't change was her determination. He used to love that about her, he had been inspired by that iron will, but now? Now it was terrifying.

She's so close now. Funny how having her near used to make him so happy. Just knowing she was nearby had been enough to calm his heart. He wished it could still be like that. That he could look into her eyes and see the real her and not this twisted version. All he could think of was how much pain she'd been put through. How much she'd suffered. How much he had been unable to help her at all. And now... now she would do anything to show him the same thing. Show him "happiness" through pain.

It was wrong. This was wrong.

He shifts slightly, almost like he was trying to melt through the wall. He wants to tell her that it's impossible. That no one is truly happy. That she was the one who needed to wake up, not him, but the words fall dead on his lips.

Once again he's silent.]

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[ ... After a moment, all she can do is... limply bury her head into his chest.

Why? Why why why why why... why does he hate her? Why won't he let her help him? Why won't he let her return all the sacrifices he made for her? All she wants... is him to be happy... ]

... You never... talk to me... anymore...

[ And for a moment all she can do is sort of lie there, maybe a bit of that fragility still visible because she honestly doesn't know what to DO about this situation. All... she wanted... hahaha. Well, she'd failed. So anyway, she was a poor witch, so she might as well at least try to be happy with what she'd be given, right? In the end, her failure was inevitable as she was, so innocent and stupid and weak. ]

... Samekichi...
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[The need to comfort her, to protect her is instinctive. His hands move of their own volition and he reaches towards her, but just the slightest movement causes a visceral reaction of its own.

The noise.

The clanking and jingling of the shackles on his wrists. The weight of them seems to triple. It quadruples. They weigh just as heavily on his heart as they do on his body. Samekichi's hands tremble as he pulls them back. His shoulders shake as he forces his hands to clench into fists. Suddenly he can feel the presence of those bindings more far more acutely.

He was a prisoner. This wasn't the Wadanohara he knew. Not anymore.


He lifts his eyes and stares at the ceiling, bites down on his lip so sharply that he draws blood.

It doesn't matter.


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[But he's already in a world without her. He's already in a place where everyone else is "happy", but she's already gone.

It doesn't matter.

It's wrong.

He won't let them change him. He owes her that much.

Lately he's been able to hear her playing, but he couldn't say how long it's been going on for. Until recently he hadn't been aware of much of... anything, really. The sound of it was nostalgic, but it was far from relaxing. It was just... sad. There was nothing happy, nothing soothing, in her music now.

There is no happiness here for him. Even if there was he wouldn't deserve it. Not after he failed her.

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... Samekichi...

[ ... She... she doesn't know what to do anymore. So she just laughs, through the tears she can't help that just mix with the water...

And for a long time she just sort of collapses there, feeling so very... empty...

All she wanted was him to talk to her, just to talk to her, every time she came down here and it was SO VERY OFTEN and Sal always hated when she did, she knows, she's not stupid, she knows they hate each other, she knows, she knows, she knows... ]

... There's...

[ And her voice is cracking in between little sobs, smile on her face, just so very... torn... ]

n othInG... le FT... fO r... mE... IS tHEr E? Hah a ha... ha ha... ha... hAhAHa...

[ She... Samekichi. Don't you see? You're the only thing left stable in her life and you're closing her out you're all she has left please don't do this to her, she hides it so well but she's so very fragile still, so very fragile and battered and broken and maybe even afraid, because there's nothing she can do anymore, nothing anyone can do anymore, not even her...

Nothing, but this.

It... it has to be this way and she can't... help... that... ]

s... amE... K... i... chi... I...

[ I need you. Don't... leave me... It's why she is so desperate for him to live and change because he's... the most assuring thing she has left. ]
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[He doesn't look at her, can't bring himself to look at her, but he doesn't have to do that to know she's crying. It's in her voice. He can hear it just fine. Broken and scared, cracked and straining.

This is all that's left for them. For both of them. There's just this.

Don't do this to him. Stop. Just stop.

He can't say anything to her. Just as there's no reaching him, there's no reaching her. Instead he slides roughly down the wall, sitting there listlessly as the clanking of his shackles and the pained lilt in her voice echo in his head.

Silence. Silence except for two words. Words he doesn't even realize he's saying.]

... I'm sorry.
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[ ... Ahaha. Ha... she... will eventually stand, upon hearing that. ]

Samekichi. ... I remember what you said, you know... I... I didn't...

[ It... came to her, eventually. As much trauma as Sal had caused, she remembers that... ]

... You keep hurting yourself, for my sake, and you never... budge... and I never... I never even said thank you, or told you my answer... I'm sorry... I really... failed everyone, didn't I...
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[For a moment he's painfully silent. He doesn't move from his spot on the floor. Just sits, almost completely motionless save for the slight rise and fall of his chest.

He doesn't want to hear an answer now. It wouldn't be right. It wouldn't... it wouldn't really be from her.

Samekichi keeps his head bowed, shaking it slowly.]

No. I'm the one who...

I'm the one who failed you.
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... Maybe, but... you're not responsible for the entire reason the barrier failed, Samekichi... I am. And... regardless...

[ Breathe... she just has to breathe. Her chest feels... so... heavy... her head... aches... she feels... awful... again... to be truthful... ]

I can't... take back... what [ What he DID to her, forcibly ] I am now... but... but it'd be wrong, wouldn't it, to ever hope you would have... cared...

[ She's quiet, for a long moment, shutting her eyes, just... staying here. Next to him... ]

... Of course you wouldn't want me. I should just... go back, huh... I'm... no good...
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Is that... is that what you really think? That I... that I don't care?
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Because... because I...

[Sal was everywhere. Always watching. Always listening.

How many times had he tried to reach her only to have Sal twist his words. Manipulate her with such saccharine kindness before he... before he...

No. Don't. Don't think about it. Force the memories away. The sick noises, the laughter, the pair of red eyes that burned into him just to remind him that he was there. That it was happening. That there was nothing he could do. That the girl he loved belonged to someone else.

And how many times had he been beaten? How many times had he been battered and bruised and torn apart until the smell and taste of his own blood was no longer indistinguishable from the water itself? Who knows how many times she'd come to visit him afterwards? All the times when his eyes were too swollen to open, when his jaw was shattered and unmovable, all the times he couldn't remember. Had she tried talking to him then?]

... I couldn't.
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[ ... She'd healed him because this was pointless. Sal had told her so often that the pain was very important to help him be happy like everyone else, like her, but... ]

You know... I keep thinking, someday, I want... everyone to be happy... if you're not... there's... no point.

[ ... She... all she can do is draw in on herself a bit. What's wrong with her? Why is she so sad suddenly? ]

... I've been studying very hard. My magic is a lot better now. I can... make this room safe... so I did.

[ She doubts he noticed, she did it to make sure Sal wouldn't hear. Because she knows they don't get along. ... At first, when Sal hurt her (that's what she's choosing to think of it as, any more and she might feel a bit ill), and he'd just kept going, all she could do is wonder if this was how love was supposed to be. For a long time, she'd been silent and bleeding and hurting, it had just never seemed to end and when it finally did she was...

... The Red Sea was... a horrible thing to put into someone. An awful thing. Somehow she'd managed to regain speech, but now she finds it hard to speak again, just like back then. And, just like she'd learned, she forces a smile and it's just not right, of course; nothing about her really is. ]

... I'm sorry I'm not any good to you anymore... I mean, who'd want someone's broken leftovers? But, really, I'm not sure I ever deserved you, so, haha! That's pretty funny... isn't it...? I guess it serves me right!

[ Sal is the only person she deserves. That is... painfully obvious. But, she's still so selfish. She wants Samekichi. Still. So badly...

... She'd been considering changing her name. She's not sure she deserves (or, more accurately, if it even FITS) the name Meikai, her father, gave her.

My dear... let nothing stain you, nothing take you away. Always remain... who you are.

... Sorry, dad. She failed... ]
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And this is a thread for Wada and Sally from Normal End 1

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[ Ah, one day, she just takes Sally aside--it's a gentle approach, but her grip is like iron itself on her lover's wrist.

She didn't used to be the direct one. Not really. For a long time, she was... just a follower. Gentle, in a weird way. But, the longer she's had to get used to this place, the more she's rebuilt herself, the more she's done, the more corruption she's spread and power she's gained... she's lost that naivete she once had; that innocence, that purity that made her who she was.

Stained, irrevocably. But she can't argue she's unhappy (she has to be happy or... no no, she IS happy!), and yet... ]

Mei. Mei. ... Hey. We should talk~!
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Oh god I am not good at this

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Do you need something, Wadanohara? ♪

[Ah, the sweet voice of her beloved. How could she not be happy to hear it. Even if her grip is iron and it would make a normal person wary, Sally is hardly normal. No, she'd long since stopped being anything resembling a normal shark.]
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[Of course Wada would find out. She always does. But Sally won't miss a beat. She'd been manipulative for so, so long, it's almost second nature...]

Ah, sorry, sorry. I was just doing my par to help, you know? You remember how painful it was for you to wake up. But with that shark, we have to take it a bit slower, hm?

[...It's a dangerous situation. Really, the only thing satisfying about Samemi being alive right now is that Sally can torment her. Because Wadanohara is always looking at her, and not towards...]
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[...Get along with Samemi? That'll be impossible. It would require the world to end. And not in this way. Not to simply be stained with death. But the rest, well, that catches her attention.]

Do you have something planned, my sweet? ♪
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[ She's... aware.

It's okay.

She'll fix that right up! But oh, no. Not now. ]

I'd like... to go abroad later. Leave the sea for a little while! You know, something romantic... I heard there's a cute town with tons of apple trees in it... Ver's told me about it, she says lots of demons live there, and they've got a castle...! It's been so long since I did anything away from home.

[ So, yeah, a honeymoon, basically. Maybe also something later tonight, but still. ]

I've been practicing my magic... heehee. It could be fun... also I hear there's a lot of red flowers in this one garden there...
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[Is Wadda... Is she suggesting what she thinks she's suggesting? Aha... ahahahaha... Oh, how marvelous!]

Dye the whole world red together? Oh, that sounds wonderful, Wadanohara! ♪

[Yes. Spread the taint of the Sea of Death. After all, that's all Sally is anymore. She hadn't existed as simply Sally (Sameri Sameri was her name at birth but it doesn't matter anymore because she was torn apart and stitched back together by the Sea to fulfill a single purpose) for a long, looooong time. All the remains of what she used to be is that love for Wadanohara, really. If even that.]
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[ She just smiles brightly. Note, however, she refuses to release her grip entirely, even still. ]

Mikotsu's a little naive, but she's really nice, I'm sure she could handle things here while we're gone, and if not, I could just have Fukami keep an eye on them for me~!

[ Maybe take Memoca and Dolphi with her, though. Show them the world with her. It'd be fun. ]

Besides, I don't see... any reason for everyone else... to be so mindlessly unhappy, right? We could do so much!

[ Ah, or... maybe, maybe she just wants the whole world to feel her pain. Maybe. It's hard to say. ]
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When do you want to leave, Wadanohara? ♪

[Ah, the monster in her that's using her shell is eager. To spread its taint--more more more moremoremoremoremoremoremore mORe M Or e m oR E--

Nothing will ever satisfy it. Not now, not ever, and it's just been given a taste of something to distract Sally. Something not Samemi. Ah, yes, spread, consume, everything will be theirs...]

We'll... Build an empire... Yes?
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Yes... That... sounds wonderful ♪

[Orient the ocean toward a new goal, too. But then, how much of Wadda is there, anymore, too? There's certainly nothing left of Sally. She'll reach up with her free hand, cup Wadda's face. Ah... Sally... Does love her...]

...This will be a fun vacation.
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[ Less and less, the longer she exists next to her. But... this is all she has left, after that, so it doesn't much matter, because this is... all she has left to be, now.

So she... may as well make the most of it. But it's so easy to fall back into habit (should they be doing this here, she actually isn't sure she cares), into her arms, because... it gives her... purpose...

Someone loves her. She's not broken, she's wanted... ]

... I feel like I can do anything when I'm with you. It's a nice feeling.
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[...Sally is content like this, holding Wadanohara. She is happy. So.. Very... Happy.]

...You always could. I simply helped open your eyes to what you were capable of.
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[ She will giggle. ]

Or mmmmaaaaaaaybe I was just being nice!

[ And now she's going to bring up something else. ]

Before we go, I really need to find a spellbook I've been looking for... you know, for some reason, I've been having trouble locating it since last time I practiced something from it! You know where it might've gone?
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Sad stuff for Sally. End1/may contain non-con?? IDK.

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[ ... After Samemi had passed out, it had... taken a long time... for her to "readjust," so to speak. Even now, all she could do is sit there, dead-eyed, in complete silence, knees to her chest.

Her clothing was a mess. SHE was probably still a mess, unwilling to get up or even MOVE after all that transpired.

She hurt.

Wounds all over her. Her eyes were nearly lifeless; you'd think they'd be red after all that, but no, they were... black, if anything. Completely dark. Utterly lacking any emotion, now. There was just... nothing. She felt... empty... hollow... broken. Useless. Couldn't do anything. Samemi seemed to still be alive, but she was... so hollow, she couldn't find the energy or ability for any of her magic to heal her...

Or even herself, really.

She should... probably move, but she'd curled up in a distant corner, long since refusing to come out of it. Their home was doomed. Why bother? She'd failed... as a witch, as a person. She feels like her very innards were simply scraped right out of her and stolen, gobbled up by something awful (by her), and she just... doesn't have anything left. Not... really. There's nothing now. She's hollow. How can... this be love? She doesn't understand. And of course, she's stuck here, with... her...

She'd long ceased crying; that had stopped after the encounter went on for far, far too long... eventually she became less reactive, burned up by torture. She... no longer knows what to do... and, without her familiars or anyone else awake or around, the only person left is... Sally...

... She hurts... or rather, maybe her entire existence hurts. She'd eventually ceased feeling anything else but pain, so why should her condition now be any different? She's simply numb. That's... all... but, someone so empty is surely perfect for filing up, hah. She might be vaguely aware of that, but... there's no will to do anything anymore, much less struggle... ]
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Wadanoharable (this is for Samekichi)

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[ Things hadn't been working lately. Not for her. She was dissatisfied. Sal wasn't good enough for her. And... since she'd been... changed, she'd become a bit addicted to having control. And now that she was strong enough that it would be laughable for Sal to even hope to stop her, one day Samekichi will wake up somewhere else that ISN'T his cell.

It's a beautiful bedroom--with an air pocket, of all things, made by magic. Encapsulated in a little bubble. He hasn't been out of there for so long, she thought she'd do him a favor. Use her magic to clean him up a bit, yes. Make this... romantic...

Candles. It's dimly lit, and there's a lot of blues, even; she usually wears red, but... she thinks if she wears blue, Samekichi will be more pliable. Maybe. So today she's wearing a blue dress, made of... not the thickest fabric, admittedly.

It's okay. She's plenty old enough that it doesn't matter, and she knows he likes her! So this should help! She's not even wearing her hat. ... The bed is... large. Ah, but escaping from here would be difficult. That bubble was made of magic to seal him IN, and everything else OUT. So she waits for him to awaken, lying down next to him, whispering softly. ]

Samekichi... wake up... do you remember? Today's the anniversary of the day you first became my familiar...!

[ Yes, such a special day. She should... celebrate it... ]