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[ The castle was quiet today, and she'd decided to spend her time exploring the upper hallways. This hallway was particularly interesting, though, as opening a door to the inside presented one with, of all the things to find, a gigantic graveyard... you could get lost in here.

Wadanohara wanders between the tombstones, and sees the occassional skeleton flit about and make some sort of obscene gesture, which she ignores.

Eventually, she settles in front of a particular grave, which has been pushed aside, revealed a long dark set of stairs... and an underground crypt.

She hadn't expected to find anyone in here, inside the large place filled with murk and gloom and the occasional bat, and yet, here she is. This place was... so odd... ]

Hmm... I wonder, then, am I alone in here?
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[ It's too dark in here.

These narrow corridors, suffused with damp and decay... it must be some sort of catacombs. Then... that explains the lack of light. A few torches are mounted along the walls here and there, but they barely provided enough light to see by. And he needs that light. He isn't at home anymore, that much he is sure. And whatever brought him here had also drained him of much of his energy. If he is to be attacked... he wouldn't have enough mana left to defend himself.

He feels the burn of his usually invisible sigil marks on his skin - now, they are glowing a deep, intense red visible even through his clothes. Definitely a bad sign... and once the runes' light fade to black, he would be...

... no, not dead. Incapacitated.

A voice somewhere down the corridor alerts him to the presence of another individual - a girl, from the sounds of it. It might not even be a girl, or remotely non-hostile... but he has to try. There are too little facts here for him to make any sense right now.

He turns around the corner, stumbles a little, and nearly collides into her. He still has enough focus left to regain his balance and lean against one wall, though he doubts he'll last much longer. ]

... I... my apologies. I hope you are not hurt....?

[ She's.... quite young. Why would a girl her age be in a place like this? ]
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[ So she can do magic too... but it's a different type of magic than that which flows through his veins. Not the pure, spiritual force he has become accustomed to. Nevertheless, it is good to see that there is someone else here.

It takes him a few moments to find his voice again. Fog is starting to creep up at the edge of his awareness, muddling conscious thought. If the glowing runes all over his hands and chest are any indication, this place seems to... sap his power, somehow. ]

... could you give me directions... to somewhere with sunlight? It's... quite important.

[ Important in the sense that he will be incapacitated pretty soon without it. ]
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... thank you.

[ It's all he can manage at the moment. While ordinarily he would have walked by himself, he doubts that he can make it without her help. Her hand feels a little cold... though that might just be his perception.

She leads him through corridors of tombstones, finally reaching a stairwell from which light poured forth. So it is possible to get to the surface... and whatever was leeching away his powers also felt further and further away. He will not fade here, at least for now.

After a short while, they finally make it out into a hallway. The burst of natural sunlight manages to give him a surge of energy - the runes on his hands glow brighter than ever, but with such a small surface area he isn't going to be able to recharge very fast... ]

... um... thank you for your help, young lady. Could you... perhaps... turn around for a short while, if you're not... leaving immediately? There is something I need to do.

[ His voice is stronger now, but it doesn't quite mask the awkward that he's anticipating of she does otherwise. She is a young lady, after all... ]
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there we go (phone tagging is hard)

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[ She's willing to comply, which is a good thing - but she doesn't seem inclined to leave. Then, he ought to get it done as fast as he can, as to not inconvenience her. ]

Thank you. [ He moves closer to the window, stopping some distance away so that the sunlight falls directly onto him. The light is strong, yes - then he wouldn't have to take too long. He manages to ease off his jacket and open his shirt, exposing the sigils to air and sunlight.

There is a soft pneumatic hiss as the rune circles begin to shimmer, absorbing energy from the sunlight streaming through the window. After a few seconds he pulls at his shirt so that the sigils on his back can also start charging - although the large scar where he had been impaled trapped a few and stopped them from reaching maximum capacity.

The runes gradually phase from opaque red to a soft glittering blue. While they are not yet fully filled, it would hopefully be enough to sustain him with enough reserves left for magic just in case. After half a minute he neatens his shirt again and beaten up his appearance before turning around. ]

That should be it. Thank you.
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casually replies two days later (also i noticed a typo cries)

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I will be fine. Thank you for your concern.

[ He says this evenly, almost too evenly. But first things first... ]

May I know your name, young lady? And the name of this place?

[ The second statement comes a little as an afterthought - courtesy and logic fought for a moment before he settled on a compromise. ]