risorgimento: (Sly ⋉◉⋊ A few tricks still.)
Red Sea Witch ◉ Wadanohara [赤海魔女 ✫ ❝Akoumi❞] ([personal profile] risorgimento) wrote in [community profile] lhunarwings2014-08-20 01:04 am


[ The castle was quiet today, and she'd decided to spend her time exploring the upper hallways. This hallway was particularly interesting, though, as opening a door to the inside presented one with, of all the things to find, a gigantic graveyard... you could get lost in here.

Wadanohara wanders between the tombstones, and sees the occassional skeleton flit about and make some sort of obscene gesture, which she ignores.

Eventually, she settles in front of a particular grave, which has been pushed aside, revealed a long dark set of stairs... and an underground crypt.

She hadn't expected to find anyone in here, inside the large place filled with murk and gloom and the occasional bat, and yet, here she is. This place was... so odd... ]

Hmm... I wonder, then, am I alone in here?

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