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The ocean is a big, beautiful place, filled with unseen things. Perhaps the ocean you live in is our own, or another world's, or perhaps you're an unfortunate water-aligned sort living in a lake of fresh water, but either way, you have either lived your entire life this way, wound up that way due to a spell, or just met someone who was a bit fishier than you first thought. Sometimes, the strangest encounters between the land and the sea can happen...

1. Comment with your character's name/canon.
2. GIVE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THEM IF YOU'RE A MERPERSON! Blank comments are the enemy. Be it mythologically bent, such as selkies, or mermaids/mermen, or anything in-between, if you can think of it and it involves water, it's valid! Or state if your character will be themselves or a regular air-breathing type.
3. Be excellent to each other and have fun seananigans of any sort, gen, shippy, smutty, cute, fluffy, weird, whatever!

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Rochelle Tringham / Fullmetal Alchemist (2003, fem AU) / merpersooonnnn

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[Rochelle is not quite a traditional mermaid, as her lower half resembles a spotted eagle ray rather than a common fishy fin, but she gets around just fine.]

[Maybe you've meet her on the shore, by the rocks at low tide as she explores the pools there. Maybe you're another ocean dweller that has stumbled upon her in the depths (or perhaps it's the other way around!). In any case, you've got one sassy mergirl to deal with.]
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Black Jack / Black Jack (fem AU) / also merperson yoloooo

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[Black Jack takes on the appearance of a shiro utsuri koi. While she might strike an onlooker as beautiful, she's covered in scars, and one tail fin is permanently torn and mangled looking. She won't say where she got them; though one might deduce that they came from fisherman's nets and human hands.]

[She's slow to trust, and even slower to make friends. Though that won't stop you from trying, will it?]
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Stephanie Rogers / Captain America/MCU (fem AU) / both. i've lost control of my life.

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[This Steph is human and perfectly normal, if you don't include all those super soldier shenanigans. She can lend a hand pushing a stranded sea dweller back into the water, or simply be a conversation partner for an interesting stranger.]


[On the other hand, this Stephanie is living the under the sea dream. Sort of. Her fishy side has a color scheme reminiscent of a beta fish with lots of frills and flourishes. But don't assume that just because she looks pretty that she's not dangerous.]
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And by that, I mean it's a Leopard Shark-man. He'll normally heckle fishermen to steal food, and then swim away if they try and hurt him. He still has a glowing eye, though, and sometimes looks longingly at the land.]
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RNG'd you a blonde buddy~

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[Rochelle is fascinated by the land dwellers. It was her father's life work to study the world above the water, and she feels compelled to continue it. She has no desire to join them, but the shoreline is the best way to observe without being detected. Most other merfolk wouldn't dare even getting this close, so it strikes her as odd that there's someone else in this area.]

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