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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you ended up in the middle of an old-fashioned city, filled to the brim with knights and witch trials? That, in essence, is Labyrinthia.

There are two kinds who end up here;

Witches, and the side-characters. People enter Labyrinthia via a mysterious carriage, driven by a strange old crone through a forest... and, once going through the city, huge stone walls engulf the town gate, leaving you trapped inside the medieval world of knights, witches, the inquisition against them, and the Story, dictated by the town's king. Sometimes, on a rare moon, a visitor might recall this, but more often than not, the Grand Ruler of Labyrinthia, the Storyteller, devises a way to write these new people in. And the roles he comes up with are never, ever, dull.

Every so often, his parade dictates what shall happen. For example, short stories about two young apprentices being unfortunately burned to death, or even his own demise might be written. Everyone has a role, everyone has a PLACE.

... If you had powers before, they just might be gone now. And if they aren't, they might even be restricted. Beware--the townsfolk don't take kindly to magic...

1. Post your character/canon in a top-level comment.
2.:Give them a "role" in the story. If you'd like them to lose all memories of the life before Labyrinthia, you can do so. If you want them to end up a witch, make up a backstory, or make them someone who died, or just an outsider in mass confusion, go for it! For example, they might end up becoming a simple baker, and find out that, eventually, they're a witch. They may end up a witness in a witch's trial, or in the cage to be burned!
3. Reply to other comments in the setting, and go about your "daily life" as strange things happen in this odd city, or, if your character remembers things previous, try to figure out what's going on. Or you know, be mysterious and behind said weirdness, whatever!

1. You're just another person in this crazy story. You don't remember your childhood if asked, but you've always lived in Labyrinthia, a medieval place where modern machines and medicine never existed. Even alchemy is a bit out there, here. You go about your job, your life, be it a rogue or stone-worker or even a knight, defending the brave King of the city. If you're really lucky, you may even become a witch-hunting inquisitor, a knight who seeks to burn and prosecute and rid the town of Labyrinthia of its plight with evil magic.

2. You're a witch. Perhaps you only just found out you were one. Perhaps you've known all your life. You wield a strange two-gemmed staff called a Talea Magica, which has one spell a piece with each gem as told in a great grimoire. (Feel free to make up spells/gems!)

3. You're an outsider--you remember coming to this odd place, but can't find a way out, and everyone else seems to think you're crazy. But maybe there's other outsiders. Better try to be discreet about your investigations or living here, now, since you have no choice--or else you may end up thought a witch!

4. You've been removed from Labyrinthia entirely, from the story, and become a strange entity known as a Shade. You died in a witch trial, or through other means, written out of the grand plot, and now you wear a purple cloak and a strange wooden mask and work behind the scenes, making sure the town runs as it should, reporting only to your Master, the Great Witch... when you ring your bell, all around you (except outsiders, perhaps) pass out. But you are a normal person otherwise. If you get caught, all you know is that you are a Shade. You have no name anymore. You just want to go back... to go back... so you fulfill your "task(s)", lest you be cast aside forever.

1. You're just living out your daily life in Labyrinthia, no weirdness here. Definitely not! You're buying and selling goods, or fetching water, or drinking at the tavern, or being a stealing, hoarding rogue trying to sell stuff to the local pawnshop. So how does that go? How do you deal with this odd place around you? And the others who live here? It all FEELS so very normal, doesn't it?

2. You're a witch, and you have to use magic for some reason. Or someone used magic AROUND YOU. Maybe you try to frame an innocent person because someone got hurt by your magic! Maybe you want to be normal and so you want to dispose of your sceptre all witches have. Maybe you want to use that power for evil. Either way, you're a witch and you're using magic. Do you get caught? How do the other people around you react to it? What kind magic are you using?

3. You got caught, or are ACCUSED of being a witch, and sit in the Inquisition's court, now, awaiting your trial in the dungeons. What now? Try to bribe your way out? Try to gnaw off the bars? Hope you've got a friend in a HIGH place...!

4. You're an outsider and you've been stuck in Labyrinthia for some time, now, trying desperately to get answers, to get out. How will you get those answers? By book or by crook? Careful how you wield that sword, friend!

5. You just met a Shade--a strange person in a purple robe. Someone who you know should be dead and buried or burned or what-have-you. You ran into them and they messed up. Confront them, or be the one confronted--what happens? You thought Tamera was burned alive, how can she be here now? Is it sorcery? What do you do?

6. OTHER - The free square. Be a knight, ride some horses, claw your way at the walls, wonder where are your marvelous powers went if you remember, or do whatever with the setting you want. This is your free space to pretty much write up any prompt you can think of! Be creative, have fun!