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[ He was not a good person. They didn't like him. He was awful. In their way, really.

Had to be rid of him. But he was also... curious. Interesting. Reminded him of something they worked with, a little bit. They saw him talking with their daughter, and it made their blood boil. Again? Again with him moving in on her?

... No. No, they won't let him take her away. They can't trust him not to take or hurt her, after what they'd seen. He seems different, in this place, today. More... shaped. Less pixelated and filled with nothing. They wait until he excuses himself for some reason, and silently follow him, making sure not to be seen, their axe in-hand. They're quiet. They have experience with it. They'll... they'll take him outside, they decide.

Surely, even for a strange pixelated skeleton man, an axe to the back will cause harm. They creep along in the hall slowly, waiting to find out if this is true or not--closer, closer... and when the moment presents itself, they take aim, and hope to strike.

Hope to hit, silent. They don't say a word, don't make noise. Why would they? A smart assailant doesn't. ]
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[He'd gotten better with walking. Now he could move around with a cane, someone had been kind enough to give him one. He wandered about in this way, happy to speak with the doll that met him outside. She seemed to be doing better now.

He had been delighted to see she knew sign language as well. His mouth never worked the way it should after all. He did try, but they were always garbled, or stuttered and slurred. Never perfect. She was so kind though. His ruined words never bothered her.

He excused himself, slowly making his way out closer to the garden, leaning on the cane lightly. Gaster never saw it coming.

There was a warped, pained cry as the ax hit home, and black blood spurted. Ah, but he was stronger than any other boss monster. He didn't simply die because his defense was down. It wasn't gone after all.

He hit the ground, wheezing, trying to scuttle away from the attack as skin, instead of splitting, cracked open like glass.
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[No, he's still alive. He still has some hp. He is far more powerful than his children, and even now orange and blue flare in his sockets, his skinny hands rising to try and force the other man away.

Too weak, too painful, he can't move his arms without his shoulder blades screaming at him, and there's another warped cry, followed by painful, pleading in that broken, garbled speech.

"¡S┴ɹ∩H ┴I ƎS∀Ǝ˥Ԁ ԀO┴S ¡ԀO┴S" He'd be easy to drag, oddly light, the older scientist wheezing and pleading.
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[The voice of an old man, begging for life. Of course after his impassioned speech, mercy wasn't going to be coming. Almost, to a degree... he could not blame him. Wouldn't he so quickly attack someone who was a danger to his children?

He almost deleted a section of the house to save them.

But he struggled for life anyway, a long green tongue snaking out once or twice as he gasped for air. There was no reasoning with this, was there? He couldn't even teleport away

¡∩O⅄ פNIפפƎq W,I ¡ƎS∀Ǝ˥Ԁ

[Would there even be appealing to ego here? Any real father would ignore it. He knew that. Dark tears were already collecting in his eyes, gray and thick.]
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[It wasn't quite blood. Simply what happened when you mixed soul essences together. The operation to infuse himself with them had been agonizing, but... his abilities were well worth it. Usually. If he could get away, he could possibly heal from this. Maybe.

There were tears staining his face, the doctor shaking and gasping as the blade was raised in front of him.

But it did its job. He was silenced, choking for a moment as he wad dragged away. What could be worse though? Other than merely dying.

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[He hits the table with a grunt, and there's a final attempt to escape. Not on foot, he can barely walk without the cane, but his edges haze and the room darkens. He's trying to teleport, and he nearly makes it, but right before he crosses that edge, there's a cry, and reality snaps back to normal. He's too hurt, everything hurts. His clothes are thick with his blood, black and sharp.

Strapped down, wheezing, shaking, unable to keep the tears from his eyes. He wasn't used to this. He'd never experienced physical pain, treatment like this before. He'd never had personal dealings with humans.

The point of his words rang in his head, and they were horrifying, the dark eyes widening sharply.

˙˥˥Op ∀ ┴ON W∀ I
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[So he had to talk. It'd be slow going, but every word might prolong his life, and lead to someone finding out where he had gone. Someone had to find him. Someone had to figure out what had happened to him. Dying in this shed was...]

˙SƎΛ˥ƎSɹ∩O ƆIפ∀W ℲO ⅄˥┴SOW ┴SISNOƆ ┴∀H┴ SƎɹ∩┴∀ƎɹƆ ˥∀ƆIפ∀W ⅄˥HפIH ˙ƎƆ∀ɹ ɹƎ┴SNOW ƎH┴ ℲO ɹƎqWƎW ∀ ˙ɹƎ┴SNOW ∀ W∀ I

[Please try to understand. He takes a deep, agonized breath]

˙┴SIXƎ ┴ON pIp I ˙ɹƎ┴SNOW ɹO N∀W∩H ┴ON פNIƎq ∀ ˙Oפ∀ S⅄∀p MƎℲ ∀ ˥I┴N∩ 'Ǝp∀WN∩ S∀M I

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˙MON ƎɹOℲƎq S∀M I S∀ W∀ I ˙pNƎIɹℲ pOOפ ∀ ˙pNƎIɹℲ ∀ WOɹℲ ┴ℲIפ ∀ SI ┴I

[She'd been so kind, to bless him with life again, with reality. He never expected anyone to care that much and yet... well here we are. His fingers curl into fists on the table, painful as the wound at his back is]
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[By being sinless. By accepting and moving forward. By being the best person he could be, despite what had happened, despite his death. There's an alarmed cry, the man stiffening as the ax barely misses one thin, delicate hand.

He falls silent again, his eyes wide, the black of them almost eating the white.

Do what. What would he do? He needed time to heal. Just a few more minutes and he might be able to work through the pain and teleport away.

˙HS∀ɹ Ǝq ┴ON Op
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[His breath hitched as the blade was lowered over his chest.

It slid across his collar bone, and a hideous, keening, broken wail wrenched free of him, his fingers clawing at the table as his body was carefully cracked open, black erupting from the wounds.

Save for one point. As his shirt split, it became obvious there was yet another hole, drilled into the center of his chest. It could not be seen through, rather it was like a pit, a black hole in his body, empty and endless.

The rest though cracked like any doll would, revealing ropes of dark muscle beneath it.
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[He was wheezing and shaking, digging furrows in the table. Agony beyond anything else, but still he lived. There wasn't killing intent after all.

Whatever entered the hole would just seem to vanish. A direct portal into the void, so it would seem. There wasn't an answer, at least not an understandable one, just terrified, agonized gibberish.
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[Was he going to die? Was that how this would end? Perhaps if he screamed loud enough... The house was right there, it liked him. If he screamed, maybe it would find a family member, a friend. Send them about after him.

That was what he did. He screamed. A warped, crackling sound, his voice giving out once or twice. He was never able to speak very loudly if at all.

But the noise was heart breaking, sharp and terrified. Someone had to hear him. Someone had to come.

His hands curl sharply into fists, his breathing speeding up as his voice broke, thin and reedy

┴,NOp ƎS∀Ǝ˥Ԁ ┴,NOp ƎS∀Ǝ˥Ԁ ┴,NOp ┴,NOp

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[That was the last thing he wanted. His mouth clamped shut, the glint of sharp, jagged teeth obvious. It seemed almost malleable, as if he had some control over it. The ax pressed to his neck.

He couldn't give up like this though, could he? There was still hope, someone might still come.

With was with a shuddering sob he opened his mouth, shaking and jerking.
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[It would be a good idea if he didn't already have no intention of biting. He wanted to live, he didn't want to make things worse. Their fingers would be safe, he just gagged unpleasantly on the cloth as it was jammed into his mouth.

Left to shake and moan around the rag, his imagination wasn't left to ponder his issue long. No, soon it all became so hideously clear. They were going to use his body as a base. He was a scientist, he was familiar with it.

Take something from life, study it, and make it better in the lab. And all replicas needed a sample.

He started to struggle violently, wheezing as the open wound on his chest threatened to tear and worsen, blind panic obvious as his hands clenched into fists.
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[He was never that physically strong to begin with. His power had always been in his magic, and if he had to get things done well, he could always use that to defend himself. He'd never had to, not after the experiments, where he could just bend reality a little and escape. Not so much now, not as tired and as injured as he was.

He wasn't much stronger than any skinny old man, and there was muffled crying and begging from behind the gag as the blade moved up to his elbow. Easier to take off there anyway.

No, the monster can't get away enough to avoid the axe, he already knows that, there's just the sound of weak, horrified cries as he yanks pitifully on the straps

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[The scream that was dragged out was muffled, at least. No one would be able to hear it outside of the shed. And then, he fainted. His head thumped against the table sharply as black liquid spurted from the severed limb.

It wasn't quite blood, oddly thicker than that, with no real distinct smell. Not ink, not oil, nothing.

The pain had been a bit too much for him.

The skin was very odd, it just seemed to get harder once separated, losing liquid quickly. The fingers were delicately articulated, rather like the bones of his sons hands, and the void devoured whatever was placed inside of it. Smooth, cool to the touch, not revealing any age at all, hair thin cracks along where the ax had sliced through it.

He was slowly coming back, wheezing and whimpering softly, squirming in his bindings as he tried to pull the stump out of the strap.
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[He hurt. It was pain beyond any physical pain he'd ever felt in his life, even falling into the core. Odd, how being ripped apart on a molecular level couldn't compare to this. He dimly wondered if it was due to the psychological trauma. Perhaps.

All Gaster could do was shiver in shock, still not fully aware or capable of anything, a thin line of drool slipping from the corner of his mouth.

And yet, despite it all, there wasn't a single shred of anger in his expression. Scared, tired... pity perhaps.

He was going to die in here. He didn't bother trying to stare them down, he slowly looked back to the stump left of his arm, shards of bone sticking out of it.

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[If left alone, skin would grow over it. Bone would blunt, muscle would cover it. It'd become a scarred stump. But it would no longer be life threatening. As it was, the black substance had ceased to leak from it, not clotting persay, just... stopping.

Honestly though, if the gag comes out, he will scream again. There's no reason to play along anymore, is there? What good would it do, he'd lost his arm. He wouldn't even be able to talk anymore, without both of them.

Write, perhaps but-

The black stare just watched him, wet with tears, his face flushed green from the effort of crying and screaming. What sort of answer could he possibly expect now?