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[ He'd woken up here... and then got separated from Ib. What to do...? Is he still even in the gallery? It takes him time to figure things out.

He doesn't... know who he made a promise to, but he'd vowed to get out and see her.

He just wasn't expecting other people, possibly, besides Ib, to end up in his Labyrinth. Even if he thinks that way, it's hardly his, isn't it? He's not really CONTROLLING what it does... well, he hopes she's okay. Is it really possible for him to get out like this? Should he rethink this...? Maybe he should... try to find someone else... but people don't visit his painting very often, so...

Still, it's either by total happenstance or a miracle (or curse, if you like) you end up in that Gallery. (Or maybe, something, for some reason, means you belong here.) If you had power, well, enjoy it being gone--this Gallery has its own rules. For now, Bleu (that was the name she'd given him, because of the rose pinned to his coat) is looking for someone. It just depends on if he finds them or not. Running into someone else wasn't... expected. But he's trying anyway.

He's just a painting.

... But he made a promise, didn't he?

To... someone. So he has to try. ]
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[ Time in the room ticks on by, ever so slowly.

And sometimes, he has visitors. Sometimes, he doesn't. The beautiful Velvet Room hasn't changed much--what it truly is only Igor really knows. Even the ones living and working there see it slightly shaped to suit their needs, basic though they may be. Today he wonders if, perhaps, he'll have company. The door could open, and in could walk his Guest.

... Any of the possibilities. So perhaps you came into this beautiful, blue room (and it will change to suit YOUR personality, your deepest desires or fears or comforts) of your own free will. Or perhaps you simply woke up here. Either way, here you are. ]

Welcome to the Velvet Room. How may I assist you today...?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ Some days, he's allowed out. Or told to leave and retrieve an item. Today is one of those days, and the Velvet Door, unseen by most, closes behind the young man. He's dressed quite strangely, in his long blue coat with its yellow buttons, his blue boots, white gloves, and glasses. Green eyes survey his surroundings, and he'll take a moment to tuck a bit of that teal-colored hair behind an ear before he comes to a decision. He could be anywhere... perhaps he's even here by accident? Either way, he has a purpose. Talk to him? Most don't seem to notice him, after all, but...

Maybe today, he's just people-watching, as one of those rare treats when he can leave the room for a few precious moments. To those with senses, something about him is distinctly off, though what is hard to pinpoint. ]
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[ A huge, beautiful castle out of a fairytale. A broken-down brick wall in the courtyard, and a single, very tall girl with green hair and horns. She seems too odd to be real, but oh, she is, and despite it all... she watches, and she waits for her time to be done. Every person she sees gets a smile; she sits out here on a chair during the nice days when the weather allows it. Sometimes she just people watches... admires from afar. Donates to strangers. Asks what troubles them.

She can also be found inside libraries or schools, reading books to children, usually fairytales. Teaching children how to read; indulging their questions. When asked, her answer is always "so that I seem like a fairytale myself," but anyone observant or with extra senses can tell this is false.

She IS one--cursed, or, to put it better, spelled to look as she does intentionally, a human girl who cast aside her mortality and her old life and locked herself way. There's many old tales about her home that she answers. How a beast lived there--

"Yes, that's true, but they were a nice one... very lonely, but nice."

How terrified this beast was of people, so on so forth. She donates books, purchases her own... the fortune she amassed was part of the spell. But sometimes, sometimes, she runs into people that she wants to do more than simply chat briefly with or smile to. Sometimes, she does more than visit schools or children who are ill. Sometimes, people find HER when she ventures away. There's a sad aura about her even though she smiles; a successful Children's Book author, her tales of the Beast of Beauty and her Prince as well as all the others, are loved by children everywhere. Sometimes she does book signings, too. But at the end of the day, she goes home to that large brick castle (still oddly standing; she claims its a family heirloom she maintains), to the security of its walls.

The doors are unlocked, these days; the windows no longer barred, the large walls no longer guarding her from people she hardly understands. She does all the things she can to help people, even if specifically, she's bad at speaking with them... Mirabelle Horne (it must be an alias, no one knows her true name, not even her biggest fans) is a woman who seems to try very hard regardless. She opens her home to anyone who would like to stay there, a beautiful castle. It has wings for other people; on occasion, she rents them out, has visitors.

Perhaps today is one of those many reasons she may be who you've met. Or maybe she just got a bit lost (she's still quite bad at navigating this outside world...), but either way... she'll try, book in hand, to smile to the first person she meets, even if it's a little shy and awkward. ]

H... hello... um, ah...

[ Gosh she's still so BAD at this!!! Her voice sounds so young--she can't be older than twenty, surely? Six feet tall, stringy, green hair, fangs... really, she looks her "part", but she's hardly intimidating, as shy as she is. ]
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[ Inside a large forest hidden away amongst the trees are rumors of the seven greatest treasures in the world. A beautiful song from a woman lures seekers inside the forest, but they lose their way and eventually reach its epicenter, unable to turn back. A thick, ominous blanket of fog and the scent of death and solitude permeates the air. Surrounding this large complex is a graveyard filled with the countless tombstones of those who trespassed in the Master of the Graveyard's outside domain. Two children flit about between the graves with weapons, their insane giggles and singing and games the only thing to be heard, while an elegant woman of a terrifying red hue and her parasol patrols the rows with them. If you make it past this, inside you'll find a large, almost dormitory like building, rooms for each resident. First, you'll find a theater, elaborate curtains and a cinema and a play screening the objects of a lonely man's collection and a playwright's work.

Further inside past the theater are halls lined with various bedrooms and the like, a kitchen, as well, thick with the scent of fresh meat and old bloodstains on the table in the center. Near the kitchen is a small stage of beautiful and elaborate purples, decorated gorgeously. The domain of the Demented Dancer, a beautiful man with long purple hair tied in a bow, if you're a woman, your capture is almost utterly likely. Then, you'll find a large courtroom, where a vicious girl of a teal hue will swing her gavel and sentence you in a swift, speedy trial that ends straight in going to hell. If somehow you survive this, by some minor miracle, you might see the garden on the other side, tended by a cursed gardener who lives out their days as a simple choreman. Further in, an elaborate dining hall where a pretentious girl of a yellow hue will serve you the day's things, always happy to play the leading role. But at the depths of this Evil Kingdom lies a large clocktower, where a man with blue hair is situated on top of a spinning gear, never moving, always there, day in and day out, for his namesake. Heartless, now, he is the very cogs themselves, the very things that keep this hellish demon's domain running.

Welcome to Evil's Forest; enjoy your stay, if you manage to live. The denizens are not all bad... if you take the time to get to KNOW them. ]

[ OOC: An open post for anyone RPing or wanting to RP with the various denizens of the theater, there will be subthreads for location, and then when you tag, just specify who you want! At this time we do not have a Waiter or MA, but you are free to add them to the list if you DO! Just have fun with it. ]
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[ One day it happens--

You feel yourself... singled out. Feel the draw, hear a voice, leading you, slowly, ever so slowly, to a place you barely recognize... and it is here, in the Roivas family home (now abandoned, since Alex left it) that you find yourself compelled to go inside, to solve all its odd mysteries... and of those, there are many. And a voice permeates your head the entire time, drawing you in, coaxing you... a whisper on the wind... your name, over and over...

But the disembodied voice is compelling. It overrides your common sense, overrides all logic. You simply MUST follow it. You have never been more certain in your entire life.

Upon entering the house, you get a chill. But a sense of purpose.

The male voice calls your name slowly again...

... You find yourself... near a clock. The hands on it are positioned on pretty odd settings...

Three is the only number you'll ever need.

Turning the clock hands... 3:33. And then... upon entering the room--

You are suddenly... somewhere else. A room with a blueish tint to it. And, on a pedestal, stands a book. A book made of human skin and bones. A book of foreboding power. And, standing behind you, is a spectral sort of figure with long white hair tied up in bands, wearing a veil. He almost looks like some sort of priest. Almost. His gaze is oddly distant. His voice... almost like an arcane sort of buzz, a whisper, one of that which knows much...

Oh, you could confront him. You've probably never been through or seen anything like this (because AU if necessary, in the modern day, this sort of thing is VERY uncommon); he's something else. But what WILL you do...? That's the question. ]

[ OOC: Consider this an open Ulyaoth post. :V ....... He's looking for Chosen, mmmkay. Or looking to derail the Chosen of the other two. WING IT OR DON'T. Your character won't need magical ability to see him. ... OBVIOUSLY NOT OPEN TO ANYONE FROM THE ACTUAL CANON unless you want to go with an AU scenario, hurr durr durr. ]
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[ OOC: All of the scenarios here weigh heavily on Link's development as per inspired by this meme... thing. So, yeah. TL;DR Link took a page from Zelda's book and has grown up by about like 10+ years and is like 28 now and a huge part of the Animus Rebellion. Yep. Also pretend in her regular self form all my icons of her have one eye with a scar on it and totally white 'cause it's a fake eye and is marble.

I have no icons of her alter ego so deal with a description and imagine if Link and Sheik merged or something idk. ]

Cut for image. )
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Souji had fucked up.

Now he was facing the consequences - as was his team.

It hadn't been long for Souji to succumb to the TV World - and then be mercy killed by his attendant.

It wasn't long for the news of his death to get out, either.

After all, he was found strung up in Naoto's TV antenna the next morning. Much like the other bodies, there was no trace of any foul play - he seemed to have been in a fight, sure, but nothing on him was a lethal wound. The coroners made sure of that.

Souji's funeral was closed casket, a private affair - he'd stolen the hearts of many people, not the least the Investigation Team, and left them to pick up the pieces. Namatame was cleared as the killer in the eyes of the Team, Nanako saved - but he hadn't fingered the killer. To tell the truth, he'd helped him - hidden the evidence and then was shoved into the TV to cover the final fragments.

[ 3 time period threads:

1) You recieve a call from Naoto about Souji's body. Picking up the phone right when she calls.

2) At the funeral.

3) Other interactions; this will include Souji passing on his powers to Naoto. ]
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【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.



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