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[1 - Human]

[ So hey.

How many times do you end up suddenly somewhere else? Well, this just happened to Akane. Annnnd it's not his favorite thing. He's still getting used to his powers, so have a kid suddenly appear into existence nearby. You blink and miss how it happened; one moment he's not there, the next... here he is. Said kid is wearing a dark blue cloak, the inside is visibly red. His eyes are blue, but for a moment, you almost can swear they seem red. He's an odd one; probably nineteen or twenty, wearing dorky headphones and hot pink pants... a fashion disaster. ]

... Uh... this isn't right...

[2 - Demon]

[ You stumble onto a very strange scene. A young adult, a boy who isn't very tall with blue hair, wearing a red cloak. But he... doesn't seem right. In fact, he seems quite INhuman, as though something is Off about him. His eyes glow red; and he seems to have blood in his hair faintly...

he also appears to be injured.

There's a spear in his hand, but it dissolves into a dark, black-colored magic, leaving his bare hands behind. The boy looks around... but he's grinning, despite bleeding in places, and being covered in OTHER sorts of blood... hard to tell if his cloak is naturally red or stained it, really. ]

... Well, well... THAT sure ended interestingly. Now, who are you?


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