Jul. 20th, 2014

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[ A beautiful, picturesque floating island. Beneath it, rivers of crystal and fertile lands. But this place is empty--barren of sentient life. The crystals live, and desire only to fill this world, this island.

First, you were at home, doing whatever, or perhaps in a battle, or eating apple pie--whatever you were doing no longer matters, be you God, Witch, Demon, Angel, or something else entirely. One moment, a horrible pulse through realities tears life away from its homes, and the next thing you know, you find yourself on that floating island looking down. A beautiful castle towers nearby, below it an empty landscape of crystals, rivers, and so on.

And now that you're all here together, the question is, how to get back? All your powers seem intact, of course, but getting home is no easy task. The landscape begins to change to reflect those around it... ]


[ The city during the beautiful daytime, most of its residents keep it looking beautiful and blue. Enemies and creatures below the island begin to appear, and you're left to realize they might try to advance, soon. It's getting cold. Seek shelter in the castle, perhaps? It may be the wisest decision--

But the interior hallways are strange, and filled with odd rooms, traps, and mirrors... ]


[ Corruption spreads like a disease from the bottom of the land's water upwards, a spiral of red and death and decay. Whomevere or WHATever is responsible for it knows no stopping. The dead creatures lumber back to life, climbing the floating island through towering waterfalls of red, advancing upon the castle like a plague.

The only choice left is to stay inside, now, but the corruption is seeking you out. Playing tricks. It's in the mirror. It's tempting you. You hear voices of things you never thought you'd hear, or hear again; maybe old lost loved ones, people you once held dear, or maybe a comforting lilt of a song to put you to sleep... don't go in too deep...


Well, what now? Fight, flee, follow, inspect? It's only natural to want to figure out what's going on... and with whom. To call out to that voice, yes?

The moon itself seems to scream and bleed, eyes in the sky, skeletal hands all over... the question remains: what to DO about this turn of events? Who could be responsible, if anyone? ]


[ A completely open scenario--you can do anything you like here. Food is freely available in trees and lakes on the floating island itself, and inside the castle lies man-made goods and things to cook with, among other necessities, long abandoned. Whatever your character might set out to doing, you can probably make something up here! ]


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