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[ Somehow, you've found yourself on board a beautiful observatory filled with Lumas, the children of the stars, and their caretaker, a very tall, if quiet, woman. She wears a vibrant turquoise gown, a little crown atop her head. In her hand, a star-shaped wand. She floats gently off the ground, as if gravity had forgotten her existence. Her voice is gentle, quiet, yet distinct, and audible. ]

Oh, my. Now, how did you get lost, little one...?

[ The little Lumas seem to surround you, happily giggling, leaving trails of star magic. To her, everyone is a little one, a precious person or life in the Galaxies worth protecting. Yes, in a way, she's its guardian... ]

The stars are such a confusing place, to many... I suppose it isn't surprising. But, perhaps I can help...? From where did you come...?