Jul. 16th, 2015

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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you ended up in the middle of an old-fashioned city, filled to the brim with knights and witch trials? That, in essence, is Labyrinthia.

There are two kinds who end up here;

Witches, and the side-characters. People enter Labyrinthia via a mysterious carriage, driven by a strange old crone through a forest... and, once going through the city, huge stone walls engulf the town gate, leaving you trapped inside the medieval world of knights, witches, the inquisition against them, and the Story, dictated by the town's king. Sometimes, on a rare moon, a visitor might recall this, but more often than not, the Grand Ruler of Labyrinthia, the Storyteller, devises a way to write these new people in. And the roles he comes up with are never, ever, dull.

Every so often, his parade dictates what shall happen. For example, short stories about two young apprentices being unfortunately burned to death, or even his own demise might be written. Everyone has a role, everyone has a PLACE.

... If you had powers before, they just might be gone now. And if they aren't, they might even be restricted. Beware--the townsfolk don't take kindly to magic...

1. Post your character/canon in a top-level comment.
2.:Give them a "role" in the story. If you'd like them to lose all memories of the life before Labyrinthia, you can do so. If you want them to end up a witch, make up a backstory, or make them someone who died, or just an outsider in mass confusion, go for it! For example, they might end up becoming a simple baker, and find out that, eventually, they're a witch. They may end up a witness in a witch's trial, or in the cage to be burned!
3. Reply to other comments in the setting, and go about your "daily life" as strange things happen in this odd city, or, if your character remembers things previous, try to figure out what's going on. Or you know, be mysterious and behind said weirdness, whatever!

Ideas for roles and prompts below! )


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