radmiles: (Confusion ♎ Pyrop3 qu3st1on noodl3 :?)
Latula Pyrope | RADGLARE ([personal profile] radmiles) wrote in [community profile] lhunarwings2014-06-17 05:13 pm

tot4lly r4d1c4l l4nd1ngz bro

[ SO THERE IS THIS TOTALLY RADICAL ALIEN GIRL WHO JUST SHOWED UP ON A SKATEBOARD, out of nowhere, doing some awesome flips and shit. She may or may not have ended up somewhere she didn't expect, though.

So she will pause her roll and flip her skateboard up into her red-gloved hands, then look down over her shades. You can barely see just whiteness. If she looks bemused, it's because she is. She doesn't recall the bubbles ever taking her in this direction... where is she? ]

Whoa, this is totally the opposite of where I expected to be with all that mad grindin' I did... dang! You gotta admit, though, that landing was totez amaze.

[ OOC: opting out of verbal quirks despite them being a thing in the main flashes in Homestuck because that would get super obnoxious super fast. Unless you want me to do that, in which case just holler I GUESS??? ]

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