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The ocean is a big, beautiful place, filled with unseen things. Perhaps the ocean you live in is our own, or another world's, or perhaps you're an unfortunate water-aligned sort living in a lake of fresh water, but either way, you have either lived your entire life this way, wound up that way due to a spell, or just met someone who was a bit fishier than you first thought. Sometimes, the strangest encounters between the land and the sea can happen...

1. Comment with your character's name/canon.
2. GIVE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THEM IF YOU'RE A MERPERSON! Blank comments are the enemy. Be it mythologically bent, such as selkies, or mermaids/mermen, or anything in-between, if you can think of it and it involves water, it's valid! Or state if your character will be themselves or a regular air-breathing type.
3. Be excellent to each other and have fun seananigans of any sort, gen, shippy, smutty, cute, fluffy, weird, whatever!

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