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Hayden. | Scientist. Dollmaker. | <YANHE> ([personal profile] axingapproval) wrote in [community profile] lhunarwings2015-12-08 12:35 am


[ He was not a good person. They didn't like him. He was awful. In their way, really.

Had to be rid of him. But he was also... curious. Interesting. Reminded him of something they worked with, a little bit. They saw him talking with their daughter, and it made their blood boil. Again? Again with him moving in on her?

... No. No, they won't let him take her away. They can't trust him not to take or hurt her, after what they'd seen. He seems different, in this place, today. More... shaped. Less pixelated and filled with nothing. They wait until he excuses himself for some reason, and silently follow him, making sure not to be seen, their axe in-hand. They're quiet. They have experience with it. They'll... they'll take him outside, they decide.

Surely, even for a strange pixelated skeleton man, an axe to the back will cause harm. They creep along in the hall slowly, waiting to find out if this is true or not--closer, closer... and when the moment presents itself, they take aim, and hope to strike.

Hope to hit, silent. They don't say a word, don't make noise. Why would they? A smart assailant doesn't. ]

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