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[ He'd woken up here... and then got separated from Ib. What to do...? Is he still even in the gallery? It takes him time to figure things out.

He doesn't... know who he made a promise to, but he'd vowed to get out and see her.

He just wasn't expecting other people, possibly, besides Ib, to end up in his Labyrinth. Even if he thinks that way, it's hardly his, isn't it? He's not really CONTROLLING what it does... well, he hopes she's okay. Is it really possible for him to get out like this? Should he rethink this...? Maybe he should... try to find someone else... but people don't visit his painting very often, so...

Still, it's either by total happenstance or a miracle (or curse, if you like) you end up in that Gallery. (Or maybe, something, for some reason, means you belong here.) If you had power, well, enjoy it being gone--this Gallery has its own rules. For now, Bleu (that was the name she'd given him, because of the rose pinned to his coat) is looking for someone. It just depends on if he finds them or not. Running into someone else wasn't... expected. But he's trying anyway.

He's just a painting.

... But he made a promise, didn't he?

To... someone. So he has to try. ]


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