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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you ended up in the middle of an old-fashioned city, filled to the brim with knights and witch trials? That, in essence, is Labyrinthia.

There are two kinds who end up here;

Witches, and the side-characters. People enter Labyrinthia via a mysterious carriage, driven by a strange old crone through a forest... and, once going through the city, huge stone walls engulf the town gate, leaving you trapped inside the medieval world of knights, witches, the inquisition against them, and the Story, dictated by the town's king. Sometimes, on a rare moon, a visitor might recall this, but more often than not, the Grand Ruler of Labyrinthia, the Storyteller, devises a way to write these new people in. And the roles he comes up with are never, ever, dull.

Every so often, his parade dictates what shall happen. For example, short stories about two young apprentices being unfortunately burned to death, or even his own demise might be written. Everyone has a role, everyone has a PLACE.

... If you had powers before, they just might be gone now. And if they aren't, they might even be restricted. Beware--the townsfolk don't take kindly to magic...

1. Post your character/canon in a top-level comment.
2.:Give them a "role" in the story. If you'd like them to lose all memories of the life before Labyrinthia, you can do so. If you want them to end up a witch, make up a backstory, or make them someone who died, or just an outsider in mass confusion, go for it! For example, they might end up becoming a simple baker, and find out that, eventually, they're a witch. They may end up a witness in a witch's trial, or in the cage to be burned!
3. Reply to other comments in the setting, and go about your "daily life" as strange things happen in this odd city, or, if your character remembers things previous, try to figure out what's going on. Or you know, be mysterious and behind said weirdness, whatever!

Ideas for roles and prompts below! )
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[ Because we needed a post for bad, good, true, and all other endings in between for all RPers to interact.

Have at guys.

Just be warned if Sal's involved violence is likely... and worse. ]
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[ A huge, beautiful castle out of a fairytale. A broken-down brick wall in the courtyard, and a single, very tall girl with green hair and horns. She seems too odd to be real, but oh, she is, and despite it all... she watches, and she waits for her time to be done. Every person she sees gets a smile; she sits out here on a chair during the nice days when the weather allows it. Sometimes she just people watches... admires from afar. Donates to strangers. Asks what troubles them.

She can also be found inside libraries or schools, reading books to children, usually fairytales. Teaching children how to read; indulging their questions. When asked, her answer is always "so that I seem like a fairytale myself," but anyone observant or with extra senses can tell this is false.

She IS one--cursed, or, to put it better, spelled to look as she does intentionally, a human girl who cast aside her mortality and her old life and locked herself way. There's many old tales about her home that she answers. How a beast lived there--

"Yes, that's true, but they were a nice one... very lonely, but nice."

How terrified this beast was of people, so on so forth. She donates books, purchases her own... the fortune she amassed was part of the spell. But sometimes, sometimes, she runs into people that she wants to do more than simply chat briefly with or smile to. Sometimes, she does more than visit schools or children who are ill. Sometimes, people find HER when she ventures away. There's a sad aura about her even though she smiles; a successful Children's Book author, her tales of the Beast of Beauty and her Prince as well as all the others, are loved by children everywhere. Sometimes she does book signings, too. But at the end of the day, she goes home to that large brick castle (still oddly standing; she claims its a family heirloom she maintains), to the security of its walls.

The doors are unlocked, these days; the windows no longer barred, the large walls no longer guarding her from people she hardly understands. She does all the things she can to help people, even if specifically, she's bad at speaking with them... Mirabelle Horne (it must be an alias, no one knows her true name, not even her biggest fans) is a woman who seems to try very hard regardless. She opens her home to anyone who would like to stay there, a beautiful castle. It has wings for other people; on occasion, she rents them out, has visitors.

Perhaps today is one of those many reasons she may be who you've met. Or maybe she just got a bit lost (she's still quite bad at navigating this outside world...), but either way... she'll try, book in hand, to smile to the first person she meets, even if it's a little shy and awkward. ]

H... hello... um, ah...

[ Gosh she's still so BAD at this!!! Her voice sounds so young--she can't be older than twenty, surely? Six feet tall, stringy, green hair, fangs... really, she looks her "part", but she's hardly intimidating, as shy as she is. ]
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[ Is there a scene you want tot play out with someone I play?

Something you want to continue?

Put it in the Subject line here.

EX: "Holy Grail War Meme | Servant" or "Random Scenario: Meeting in [community profile] vatheon!"

Muses available are over here. It's 6am what do you want from me???

If you don't specify a character, I may just throw someone random at you. I might also just make my own threads here too because I'm lazy. WHO KNOWS.

ETA: Some guidelines, here;

1) I will not play out smut of any kind. Like, ever.

2) Please be clear with what you want to thread!

3) I may be slow or may not always reply swiftly and I reserve the right to drop any threads I have. |D;; ]


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