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YES, ANOTHER NAOYA POST. All this just for shenanigans. And yes I love this icon; shut up it's hot. )

(( BLABLA SPOILERS FOR DEVIL SURVIVOR AND PANDORA HEARTS MAYBE, BLABLA. Shenanigans, too. So many shenanigans. Locked to my dearest Cal. ♥ FEEL BETTER SOON MY LOVE, I gift you TL;DR. :D ))
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[ ... What the hell had just happened?

'Don't think about it too much, Naoya.'

And then he was SHOVED into a room, the door was locked, and his COMP was taken before he'd even noticed who stole it, but he was fairly certain it was his cousin. So, Naoya stares into the large room behind him he was just locked into, at the table full of fancy sweets and with fresh plates, tea, and so on. The room itself was large and well-furnished, but... honestly, what had just happened?

Naoya was vaguely wondering what on earth his cousin and that... young woman (she had an odd feel about her, he'd noted, when he saw her) were even doing together. This had been a weird day to begin with, but... it was getting exponentially weirder by the minute. ]

(( Now containing mega spoilers for Pandora Hearts and Devil Survivor, but ahahaha, you guys expected this, yeah? ))


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