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[ Somehow, you've found yourself on board a beautiful observatory filled with Lumas, the children of the stars, and their caretaker, a very tall, if quiet, woman. She wears a vibrant turquoise gown, a little crown atop her head. In her hand, a star-shaped wand. She floats gently off the ground, as if gravity had forgotten her existence. Her voice is gentle, quiet, yet distinct, and audible. ]

Oh, my. Now, how did you get lost, little one...?

[ The little Lumas seem to surround you, happily giggling, leaving trails of star magic. To her, everyone is a little one, a precious person or life in the Galaxies worth protecting. Yes, in a way, she's its guardian... ]

The stars are such a confusing place, to many... I suppose it isn't surprising. But, perhaps I can help...? From where did you come...?
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[ SO THERE IS THIS TOTALLY RADICAL ALIEN GIRL WHO JUST SHOWED UP ON A SKATEBOARD, out of nowhere, doing some awesome flips and shit. She may or may not have ended up somewhere she didn't expect, though.

So she will pause her roll and flip her skateboard up into her red-gloved hands, then look down over her shades. You can barely see just whiteness. If she looks bemused, it's because she is. She doesn't recall the bubbles ever taking her in this direction... where is she? ]

Whoa, this is totally the opposite of where I expected to be with all that mad grindin' I did... dang! You gotta admit, though, that landing was totez amaze.

[ OOC: opting out of verbal quirks despite them being a thing in the main flashes in Homestuck because that would get super obnoxious super fast. Unless you want me to do that, in which case just holler I GUESS??? ]
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[ Somehow, for some reason, you've run into a very bizarre nine year old girl. She exudes a sort of worrisome aura, especially with the way she's got a broom in her hand... her face only shows slight irritation. She's obviously a witch, and some of quite a bit of power, though how much she can control it is up for debate... ]


[ Yes, you, whoever you are. ]

Your name. Now.

[ Demanding little brat, isn't she? ]
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[ Something is wrong. She didn't expect... what's going on?

It's strange.

She doesn't remember much after they fought one another. To just shut down and reawaken somewhere else--it puts her on edge. A door to the past, maybe? Someplace in the Abyss? Ah, she can't be sure. But there ARE two things Metis knows:

1) She cannot sense Aigis' presence, and it is deeply disturbing her.


2) She has no idea where she is, which means it's best to be on guard. At least she has her weapon, still. But, visor down, Metis will cautiously explore her surroundings--she has no pretense of even looking human, unlike her sister, and wouldn't even bother to care to TRY. So, have a robot girl. How do you react? Where is she? Maybe you can sense the fact she can wield a Persona. Maybe not.

She needs answers, and she needs them NOW. ]
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[ A huge, beautiful castle out of a fairytale. A broken-down brick wall in the courtyard, and a single, very tall girl with green hair and horns. She seems too odd to be real, but oh, she is, and despite it all... she watches, and she waits for her time to be done. Every person she sees gets a smile; she sits out here on a chair during the nice days when the weather allows it. Sometimes she just people watches... admires from afar. Donates to strangers. Asks what troubles them.

She can also be found inside libraries or schools, reading books to children, usually fairytales. Teaching children how to read; indulging their questions. When asked, her answer is always "so that I seem like a fairytale myself," but anyone observant or with extra senses can tell this is false.

She IS one--cursed, or, to put it better, spelled to look as she does intentionally, a human girl who cast aside her mortality and her old life and locked herself way. There's many old tales about her home that she answers. How a beast lived there--

"Yes, that's true, but they were a nice one... very lonely, but nice."

How terrified this beast was of people, so on so forth. She donates books, purchases her own... the fortune she amassed was part of the spell. But sometimes, sometimes, she runs into people that she wants to do more than simply chat briefly with or smile to. Sometimes, she does more than visit schools or children who are ill. Sometimes, people find HER when she ventures away. There's a sad aura about her even though she smiles; a successful Children's Book author, her tales of the Beast of Beauty and her Prince as well as all the others, are loved by children everywhere. Sometimes she does book signings, too. But at the end of the day, she goes home to that large brick castle (still oddly standing; she claims its a family heirloom she maintains), to the security of its walls.

The doors are unlocked, these days; the windows no longer barred, the large walls no longer guarding her from people she hardly understands. She does all the things she can to help people, even if specifically, she's bad at speaking with them... Mirabelle Horne (it must be an alias, no one knows her true name, not even her biggest fans) is a woman who seems to try very hard regardless. She opens her home to anyone who would like to stay there, a beautiful castle. It has wings for other people; on occasion, she rents them out, has visitors.

Perhaps today is one of those many reasons she may be who you've met. Or maybe she just got a bit lost (she's still quite bad at navigating this outside world...), but either way... she'll try, book in hand, to smile to the first person she meets, even if it's a little shy and awkward. ]

H... hello... um, ah...

[ Gosh she's still so BAD at this!!! Her voice sounds so young--she can't be older than twenty, surely? Six feet tall, stringy, green hair, fangs... really, she looks her "part", but she's hardly intimidating, as shy as she is. ]


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