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Seeking Answers.

[ Something is wrong. She didn't expect... what's going on?

It's strange.

She doesn't remember much after they fought one another. To just shut down and reawaken somewhere else--it puts her on edge. A door to the past, maybe? Someplace in the Abyss? Ah, she can't be sure. But there ARE two things Metis knows:

1) She cannot sense Aigis' presence, and it is deeply disturbing her.


2) She has no idea where she is, which means it's best to be on guard. At least she has her weapon, still. But, visor down, Metis will cautiously explore her surroundings--she has no pretense of even looking human, unlike her sister, and wouldn't even bother to care to TRY. So, have a robot girl. How do you react? Where is she? Maybe you can sense the fact she can wield a Persona. Maybe not.

She needs answers, and she needs them NOW. ]
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[Well, he'd love to try to answer things, but he has no idea himself. Hasn't even woken up yet. He's the only person around in this...abandoned huge blue elevator? Something weird is happening here.

Minato's tired, though. Doesn't want to wake up yet.]
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[He stirs, making a disagreeable noise. That hurts, stoooooop.]

Mnnnnrrgh...five more minutes... [He rolls over, trying to get away from the pokey thing.
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[The cold gets him to wake up. He just wants to sleep, why is a strange girl bothering him and demanding answers?]

I- wha...? I just woke up. Who's your sister, who are you, and why're you waking me up...?
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[Aigis with a paint job. And straighter hair and some new accessories. Okay, that explains who the "sister" is...kind of. Weren't the other anti-Shadow weapons all destroyed int he explosion?]

I shouldn't be but...yeah, I guess so. [He rubs at his eyes, feeling a headache forming. Looks around. Huh...familiar, but what even.] ...Looks kind of like the room.
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No, the...Velvet Room. Wildcard thing. I can't really explain. ...It's not usually this empty though.

[he blinks blearily. What the.... Of all things to come back to life to, he gets a robot with a sister complex.]

Slow down a minute. What key? What about the past?
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[And now she's yelling at him. Good lord. What did he do to deserve this?]

Stop. Calm down. Explain. You aren't making sense right now and I'm still trying to process the idea of one of Aigis's sisters surviving the explosion.

[Give him some time here. Aigis is apparently a wildcard. There's some new bad thing at the dorm. Someone was at risk of getting killed. Is?

....He is so confused.]
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[...It was hard, being the Seal. Always suffering the weight of the world on his shoulders, carrying the burden in the hopes that his friends would be able to change the world for the better. But those rare moments where he found himself alive again always managed to bug him for some reason. His contract was fulfilled already.

He shouldn't be here.

And yet he was, staring out into the streets he used to walk with his companions. He wasn't entirely sure himself of how he wound up all this way, but all he really knew was that he needed rest -- and rest he will, as soon as he made his way over to the dorms and fell onto the nearest sofa.

Of course, his lack of energy and awareness also meant that he lacked awareness of a certain gynoid that happened to be in the area...]
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[Thankfully it didn't wake him up at first; let's face it, by this point he sleeps like a boulder...but it's the attempt to get out (and the resulting racket from the door's lock) that gets him wearily cracking one of his eyes open, if a bit blearily at first.

...Ah. Someone he didn't recognize. He starts rubbing his eyes now, trying to wake himself up again to get a better look.]

Mm? Who's there...?
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[That does not exactly help her case. :|

She does have the advantage of him being bleary as hell, at the very least. Not that it will help her later if she keeps making that ruckus, because he's looking more and more awake by the second...]

Are you sure?

[Because that most certainly looks like a somebody to him.]
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[...Yeah that definitely does not help your case. Sorry Metis, he's sitting up now.]

Were you headed anywhere important?
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...I would, but...

[He motions to the door. Blowing it was an understatement, considering that she seemed really eager to get the hell out of dodge with how much he heard the door lock clicking.]
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Your sister?

[...Wait. Blink. Blink blink. Okay, now that his brain is back in full order, the mechanical bits suddenly really, really stick out...it couldn't be who he thinks it is, could it?]
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[...Great, now he has a liberal goldmine of questions to ask. She shouldn't be here at all? Why not? And what the hell is this Abyss?

...Okay, settle down, self. One question at a time.]

...Is there something I should know about? [In direct reference to why she shouldn't be here -- because, well, it's a legitimate question to ask for someone who hasn't even seen that trainwreck...]
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[It actually takes him a few moments to consider how to answer that. Thanks, bio-clock, he really wanted to know that it felt like it was still March 5th... He walks over to the counter and checks the calendar. If Metis follows his gaze, she'll find her answer.

...It's at least two weeks past March 31st.

Okay then.

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[Not even a break in his lineface in comparison. For someone who'd basically been sleeping while petrified stiff and glued to a gigantic golden door, he certainly is taking this month-long skip well enough.]

...I don't know.

[Not even going to lie about that. He really is clueless about how he's here.

Somewhere, a certain cabby cap-wearing velvet room attendant was curbstomping Erebus...]
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[...Er, Metis, your sis-con is showing.]

It can't be that bad...
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[...This is a fair point. :|

There it is again, though. This whole 'Abyss' thing...]

Slow down for a moment...you haven't even told me what it is yet.
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[...So that's what his sacrifice did to them. What he left them to cope with as soon as he created the Seal with his soul. While he can understand just why they were hurt...he had no choice.

It was that, or leave the world to its destruction by humanity's hands. With that, he only has one question to raise in answer--]

...And you're casting the blame on me for it...why?