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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you ended up in the middle of an old-fashioned city, filled to the brim with knights and witch trials? That, in essence, is Labyrinthia.

There are two kinds who end up here;

Witches, and the side-characters. People enter Labyrinthia via a mysterious carriage, driven by a strange old crone through a forest... and, once going through the city, huge stone walls engulf the town gate, leaving you trapped inside the medieval world of knights, witches, the inquisition against them, and the Story, dictated by the town's king. Sometimes, on a rare moon, a visitor might recall this, but more often than not, the Grand Ruler of Labyrinthia, the Storyteller, devises a way to write these new people in. And the roles he comes up with are never, ever, dull.

Every so often, his parade dictates what shall happen. For example, short stories about two young apprentices being unfortunately burned to death, or even his own demise might be written. Everyone has a role, everyone has a PLACE.

... If you had powers before, they just might be gone now. And if they aren't, they might even be restricted. Beware--the townsfolk don't take kindly to magic...

1. Post your character/canon in a top-level comment.
2.:Give them a "role" in the story. If you'd like them to lose all memories of the life before Labyrinthia, you can do so. If you want them to end up a witch, make up a backstory, or make them someone who died, or just an outsider in mass confusion, go for it! For example, they might end up becoming a simple baker, and find out that, eventually, they're a witch. They may end up a witness in a witch's trial, or in the cage to be burned!
3. Reply to other comments in the setting, and go about your "daily life" as strange things happen in this odd city, or, if your character remembers things previous, try to figure out what's going on. Or you know, be mysterious and behind said weirdness, whatever!

Ideas for roles and prompts below! )
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Being a buckaneer ain't as easy as it seems. Pirates are outlaws, and however you ended up as one or among them, it isn't an easy life... but it can sure as hell be rewarding as fun! Pirates don't take shit from anyone, even other pirates. The health benefits suck, but the pay sure is good if you're decent at robbery at sea!

STEP ONE: Post with character name/canon.
STEP TWO: Tag each other.
STEP FOUR: EVERYONE IS PIRATES or prisoners BUT MOSTLY PIRATES (space pirates, sea pirates, whatever, be pirates. If you wanna describe what kinda pirate you be, go ahead, matey.)
STEP SIX: do you got the booty? ? ? ? ??


Sep. 8th, 2014 07:15 pm
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[ Somehow, you've found yourself on board a beautiful observatory filled with Lumas, the children of the stars, and their caretaker, a very tall, if quiet, woman. She wears a vibrant turquoise gown, a little crown atop her head. In her hand, a star-shaped wand. She floats gently off the ground, as if gravity had forgotten her existence. Her voice is gentle, quiet, yet distinct, and audible. ]

Oh, my. Now, how did you get lost, little one...?

[ The little Lumas seem to surround you, happily giggling, leaving trails of star magic. To her, everyone is a little one, a precious person or life in the Galaxies worth protecting. Yes, in a way, she's its guardian... ]

The stars are such a confusing place, to many... I suppose it isn't surprising. But, perhaps I can help...? From where did you come...?


Aug. 20th, 2014 01:04 am
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[ The castle was quiet today, and she'd decided to spend her time exploring the upper hallways. This hallway was particularly interesting, though, as opening a door to the inside presented one with, of all the things to find, a gigantic graveyard... you could get lost in here.

Wadanohara wanders between the tombstones, and sees the occassional skeleton flit about and make some sort of obscene gesture, which she ignores.

Eventually, she settles in front of a particular grave, which has been pushed aside, revealed a long dark set of stairs... and an underground crypt.

She hadn't expected to find anyone in here, inside the large place filled with murk and gloom and the occasional bat, and yet, here she is. This place was... so odd... ]

Hmm... I wonder, then, am I alone in here?
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[ She was inland just as a bit of a break. She'd needed a trip, some time to herself, possibly to meet some new people, consider some expansion, and also consider, well, her general Adviserly duties. See, she wanted diplomacy. So trying to barter with the land seemed wise...

She hadn't expected to bump into another person so quickly, though. She probably looked a bit like a lost tourist in her outfit anyway, the reds and such.

Truthfully, also, she'd heard some... things, about supplements on land and... well, that was how she ended up outside a drugstore. She wanted to take those ones she'd heard about helping growth... and she needed it in a few areas, at this point... ]

O-oh...! I'm sorry...! I didn't mean to run into you, I just didn't see you...
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[ A beautiful, picturesque floating island. Beneath it, rivers of crystal and fertile lands. But this place is empty--barren of sentient life. The crystals live, and desire only to fill this world, this island.

First, you were at home, doing whatever, or perhaps in a battle, or eating apple pie--whatever you were doing no longer matters, be you God, Witch, Demon, Angel, or something else entirely. One moment, a horrible pulse through realities tears life away from its homes, and the next thing you know, you find yourself on that floating island looking down. A beautiful castle towers nearby, below it an empty landscape of crystals, rivers, and so on.

And now that you're all here together, the question is, how to get back? All your powers seem intact, of course, but getting home is no easy task. The landscape begins to change to reflect those around it... ]


[ The city during the beautiful daytime, most of its residents keep it looking beautiful and blue. Enemies and creatures below the island begin to appear, and you're left to realize they might try to advance, soon. It's getting cold. Seek shelter in the castle, perhaps? It may be the wisest decision--

But the interior hallways are strange, and filled with odd rooms, traps, and mirrors... ]


[ Corruption spreads like a disease from the bottom of the land's water upwards, a spiral of red and death and decay. Whomevere or WHATever is responsible for it knows no stopping. The dead creatures lumber back to life, climbing the floating island through towering waterfalls of red, advancing upon the castle like a plague.

The only choice left is to stay inside, now, but the corruption is seeking you out. Playing tricks. It's in the mirror. It's tempting you. You hear voices of things you never thought you'd hear, or hear again; maybe old lost loved ones, people you once held dear, or maybe a comforting lilt of a song to put you to sleep... don't go in too deep...


Well, what now? Fight, flee, follow, inspect? It's only natural to want to figure out what's going on... and with whom. To call out to that voice, yes?

The moon itself seems to scream and bleed, eyes in the sky, skeletal hands all over... the question remains: what to DO about this turn of events? Who could be responsible, if anyone? ]


[ A completely open scenario--you can do anything you like here. Food is freely available in trees and lakes on the floating island itself, and inside the castle lies man-made goods and things to cook with, among other necessities, long abandoned. Whatever your character might set out to doing, you can probably make something up here! ]
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[ Because we needed a post for bad, good, true, and all other endings in between for all RPers to interact.

Have at guys.

Just be warned if Sal's involved violence is likely... and worse. ]
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[ SO THERE IS THIS TOTALLY RADICAL ALIEN GIRL WHO JUST SHOWED UP ON A SKATEBOARD, out of nowhere, doing some awesome flips and shit. She may or may not have ended up somewhere she didn't expect, though.

So she will pause her roll and flip her skateboard up into her red-gloved hands, then look down over her shades. You can barely see just whiteness. If she looks bemused, it's because she is. She doesn't recall the bubbles ever taking her in this direction... where is she? ]

Whoa, this is totally the opposite of where I expected to be with all that mad grindin' I did... dang! You gotta admit, though, that landing was totez amaze.

[ OOC: opting out of verbal quirks despite them being a thing in the main flashes in Homestuck because that would get super obnoxious super fast. Unless you want me to do that, in which case just holler I GUESS??? ]
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[ Somehow, for some reason, you've run into a very bizarre nine year old girl. She exudes a sort of worrisome aura, especially with the way she's got a broom in her hand... her face only shows slight irritation. She's obviously a witch, and some of quite a bit of power, though how much she can control it is up for debate... ]


[ Yes, you, whoever you are. ]

Your name. Now.

[ Demanding little brat, isn't she? ]
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[1 - Ryo]

[ Sometimes, one just happens to wake up in odd places and not remember why.

Especially when you're basically the host to 3,000 or so years of bad juju in the form of a man. As such, when Bakura awakens this time, possibly you found the kid passed out somewhere, or maybe he just woke up near you and you're the first person he's seen in awhile.

Or maybe any number of ridiculous scenarios has happened (anything goes!), but either way, have fun dealing with a very confused teenager... ]

[2 - Ring Spirit]

[ ... Unless you were unlucky enough to get involved with the other person inhabiting Bakura's body. Especially if you have any objects of magical power, you're probably going to be in huge danger.

Let's just hope he didn't steal your soul and stick it in a tabletop miniature, huh? ]

[3 - Black Magician Girl]

[ Or maybe you were lucky and happened to draw a certain card, and there she was! Or one day you found yourself waking up to a rather pretty girl, who seems to be really curious about who her new Master is. Or maybe you already knew her and she's just out and about, which IS unusual for a Duel Monster, isn't it? ]

[ OOC; I'm bad at open post ideas mgldkmg BUT both Bakuras in chocolate and vanilla flavors... with an added Black Magician Girl, because I can. Will RP pretty much anything but outright smut, so. Please shut this asshole up. ]
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[1 - Human]

[ So hey.

How many times do you end up suddenly somewhere else? Well, this just happened to Akane. Annnnd it's not his favorite thing. He's still getting used to his powers, so have a kid suddenly appear into existence nearby. You blink and miss how it happened; one moment he's not there, the next... here he is. Said kid is wearing a dark blue cloak, the inside is visibly red. His eyes are blue, but for a moment, you almost can swear they seem red. He's an odd one; probably nineteen or twenty, wearing dorky headphones and hot pink pants... a fashion disaster. ]

... Uh... this isn't right...

[2 - Demon]

[ You stumble onto a very strange scene. A young adult, a boy who isn't very tall with blue hair, wearing a red cloak. But he... doesn't seem right. In fact, he seems quite INhuman, as though something is Off about him. His eyes glow red; and he seems to have blood in his hair faintly...

he also appears to be injured.

There's a spear in his hand, but it dissolves into a dark, black-colored magic, leaving his bare hands behind. The boy looks around... but he's grinning, despite bleeding in places, and being covered in OTHER sorts of blood... hard to tell if his cloak is naturally red or stained it, really. ]

... Well, well... THAT sure ended interestingly. Now, who are you?
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Live previews behind the cut! (Warning: kinda big.) This table will NOT work with Dreamwidth Profile Coding, sorry! Tested in Chrome
Wow this took ages. )
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[ Because we needed one.

I'll make threads and we can just tag into them if we come up with more crap we want to do later, okay.

In other words, this is totally an excuse for me to make Roland babysit the Embryon more often at like 2AM.

OPEN TO ANYONE WHO RPs FROM DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA! Some scenarios will be locked to tribes/allies, though, for Reasons, so heed the titles and stuff. Feel free to add your own scenario thread. MINGLE AND HAVE FUN. ]
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[ Something is wrong. She didn't expect... what's going on?

It's strange.

She doesn't remember much after they fought one another. To just shut down and reawaken somewhere else--it puts her on edge. A door to the past, maybe? Someplace in the Abyss? Ah, she can't be sure. But there ARE two things Metis knows:

1) She cannot sense Aigis' presence, and it is deeply disturbing her.


2) She has no idea where she is, which means it's best to be on guard. At least she has her weapon, still. But, visor down, Metis will cautiously explore her surroundings--she has no pretense of even looking human, unlike her sister, and wouldn't even bother to care to TRY. So, have a robot girl. How do you react? Where is she? Maybe you can sense the fact she can wield a Persona. Maybe not.

She needs answers, and she needs them NOW. ]


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