risorgimento: (Stare ⋉◉⋊ Oh...?)
Red Sea Witch ◉ Wadanohara [赤海魔女 ✫ ❝Akoumi❞] ([personal profile] risorgimento) wrote in [community profile] lhunarwings2014-08-13 03:36 am

Messed up adorable Protagonist meet similar. [Closed]

[ She was inland just as a bit of a break. She'd needed a trip, some time to herself, possibly to meet some new people, consider some expansion, and also consider, well, her general Adviserly duties. See, she wanted diplomacy. So trying to barter with the land seemed wise...

She hadn't expected to bump into another person so quickly, though. She probably looked a bit like a lost tourist in her outfit anyway, the reds and such.

Truthfully, also, she'd heard some... things, about supplements on land and... well, that was how she ended up outside a drugstore. She wanted to take those ones she'd heard about helping growth... and she needed it in a few areas, at this point... ]

O-oh...! I'm sorry...! I didn't mean to run into you, I just didn't see you...

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