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[1 - Ryo]

[ Sometimes, one just happens to wake up in odd places and not remember why.

Especially when you're basically the host to 3,000 or so years of bad juju in the form of a man. As such, when Bakura awakens this time, possibly you found the kid passed out somewhere, or maybe he just woke up near you and you're the first person he's seen in awhile.

Or maybe any number of ridiculous scenarios has happened (anything goes!), but either way, have fun dealing with a very confused teenager... ]

[2 - Ring Spirit]

[ ... Unless you were unlucky enough to get involved with the other person inhabiting Bakura's body. Especially if you have any objects of magical power, you're probably going to be in huge danger.

Let's just hope he didn't steal your soul and stick it in a tabletop miniature, huh? ]

[3 - Black Magician Girl]

[ Or maybe you were lucky and happened to draw a certain card, and there she was! Or one day you found yourself waking up to a rather pretty girl, who seems to be really curious about who her new Master is. Or maybe you already knew her and she's just out and about, which IS unusual for a Duel Monster, isn't it? ]

[ OOC; I'm bad at open post ideas mgldkmg BUT both Bakuras in chocolate and vanilla flavors... with an added Black Magician Girl, because I can. Will RP pretty much anything but outright smut, so. Please shut this asshole up. ]


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