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[ Perhaps one day you were having tea, or whatever it is you do at your table, in your home, enjoying it, doing whatever you do in afternoons on a free day.

But then your peaceful tea is ruined by the fact ALL OF A SUDDEN LIKE this guy appears out from UNDER YOUR TABLECLOTH, promptly quite surprised-seeming. He is really an odd sort, too--white hair, Victorian-era clothing, one red eye... and--is that a PUPPET on his shoulder?

Um okay then. ]

Oh, my! I do believe this IS a surprise, isn't it!

[ Then he promptly sits himself on top of your table, flapping a floppy sleeve in your direction-- ]

What a quaint meeting this is! Shall I guess you have tea waiting for your guest, or would that be too much to guess for a guest such as myself?

[ooc: bluhhhh I am SO rusty with Break WELP HERE GOES-- ]
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[ Perhaps, if for a moment, you were in a quaint little world.

In a quaint little place.

Sitting in your equally quaint little house. (Well, an estate, really, of some sort, with much tea and cakes on the table.) Perhaps you don't know how you ended up here and just wandered over to the table to get a good look (or sniff) of it.

It smells quite sweet.

When from under the table comes a man, who all but never uses the front door. ]

Oh, my! It seems we have a guest.

((Blabla rusty muse is rusty, I'll get back into this in a second. For my lovely Poptart. ♥ Let us have fun. :D))
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is that there is a table.

The table has well-prepared sweets and such on it.

And of course, black tea. The servant in question pours himself some tea, and turns to his guest. Of course, it is poured in the MOST RIDICULOUS WAY POSSIBLE, without spilling a drop. ]

I do hope you can appreciate black tea, as it is my lady's preference.

[ His as well. Somehow, English Tea is totally a thing in this world, yep. ]
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TEA AND CAKE OR DEATHHHH or something witty. )

(( This is an open post for my bros. :D The setting is the Pandora Hearts world. Rainsworth estate, to be precise. Anyone can respond; none of the threads will have anything to do with the others (unless you want them to). Essentially, this is just me voicetesting and being silly with Break. HAVE AT IT. ♥

... Also I'm tired if you want a better setting then make one up. ;; ))
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[ ... So what happens when Break and Sharon go out shopping? Well, particularly, candy is eaten during the carriage ride there. Waiting could be boring sometimes, but Break WAS Sharon's servant, it was his job to help do this kind of thing.

And so there they are. Lady Sharon Rainsworth and her servant, Mister Xerxes Break. Who, at the moment, is contemplatively messing with several pieces of candy, which he begins unwrapping. ]

Tell me, why was it you desired to go out again, Lady Sharon?

[ She had that LOOK about her that said she was up to something. One could only guess just WHAT it was. ]

(( SETTING, WHO NEEDS IT. I don't feel like being creative, so. Work with it. This is for Dana dear; ilu. ♥ Also, pre-blindness. Here's hoping my Break isn't epic fail))


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