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[ ... It's the quiet jostle in the back of his mind that alerts him to something wrong.

No, that's inaccurate. Perhaps it would be better to say it's the loud horrible overwhelming feeling only one who was connected to his other half could feel. His friend was being hurt yet again.

This time, he knew it was not going to be very good. This time, he since made certain to know where Minato was going when he left the dorms. Thus, this time, it took him far shorter a time to track his friend down.

And he does not like the sight he comes upon. Stopping short and forgetting entirely to breathe, a hitch in his breath, he stares.

And stares. The perpetrator has probably left. Now was... not the time to track him down. There was a sort of icy anger in the pit of his stomach, but remembering his actions before... he swallowed it.

He would not act rashly. Instead, he approaches his friend, passed out on the ground. ]
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[ > Yes.

... I mean. Ryoji is just doing what he does best: having fun, of course. So when he spots a little kitten nearby where he's passing (he has yet to notice the change in scenery, really), he can't help but stop.

And stares, because d'awwwww, a kitty! ]

Awww, do you have a home, little guy?

[ A pause and... ] Ooooh, I know! I'll give you a name, and I'll take you home, and... we'll play together!

[ Hmm. This kitty looks pretty lineface-y. ] ... Maybe I'll call you Mina, after Minato-kun. He really needs a cat, anyway! It's not like he's got a girlfriend; all those beautiful girls around him, and not a SINGLE one dating him? It's almost criminal!

[ Ryoji picks the Minato!cat up (it is black), and puts it in his scarf, then goes on his way. Bother? ]


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